Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Justin BEAVER + My Runners World Article

Today I learned some exciting news. There is a section at Runners World Online called "Other Voices" which features a weekly runner/blogger article. And my post "Stalking The Elusive Jumping Jack" is the featured article this week! You can CLICK HERE to check it out at Runners World.

I love Runners World magazine so this was pretty awesome. My six and seven year old daughters didn't quite grasp that this was big news. So I had to slow down and back up. "Listen girls, this would be like you singing background vocals on Justin Bieber's CD." I was promptly corrected by the six year old. "It's Justin BEAVER. Not Justin BIEBER."


  1. Congrats on the RW feature, Cory!

    I always go for the safer, if less impressive, smile & thumbs-up. Somehow, race photographers always seem to catch the transitions, never the moment of glory.

    They must train by watching movies starring exceptionally attractive people, pausing randomly to try and catch them with stupid faces on.

  2. No way! I loved the jumping jack story! Is it sad that I'm awaiting a pic?

  3. Tim - I have thought the exact same thing. They seem to have extreme talent at photographing people at the moment when they have the ugliest grimace on their face. Curse them.

  4. I was perhaps a little concerned for a moment that I was giving our brand new baby "shaken baby" issues when I read the Justin BEAVER comment. The extreme giggling in our house between me and Kelly for about an hour after reading this definitely gave Luke a wiggly nap in my arms!!

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