Friday, March 11, 2011

49 Twinkies

Last week I burned 49 Twinkies. (FORTY NINE!!!)

I ran 65 miles which is the most I have ever done in one week. So just for fun I added up how many calories I burned which totaled 7,381.

This is the equivalent of 49 Twinkies! Running helps justify my consumption of junk food. Typical thoughts I have throughout the day include:

Morning: "Mmmm, those cookies on the counter look amazing! Go ahead, have one. No, have two! I just ran eight miles!"

Afternoon: "Mountain Dew is not good for me. But I'm going to drink some anyway. After all, I ran eight miles this morning. Better grab that pack of Hostess donuts while I'm here at the gas station."

Evening: "Dang Gina, an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen sounds incredible. Go for it. Remember, you ran eight miles this morning!"

Do you use running to justify bad habits?


  1. I do! I soooo do! Whatever it is I crave after a run (which is usually McDonalds Sweet Tea) I usually have one and I'll treat myself to something else later. I'll have an extra taco for dinner or why not that cookie with some ice cream on top?

    Great 65 mile week!! Seriously. Holy cow! The IT is better. Ran 3 last night with not an ounce of pain! I felt really lucky.

  2. Wow, 65 miles. That's awesome!! I ran 4 this week! Unfortunately, yes, I have definitely used exercise as an excuse to over induldge from time to time.