Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Running (Gulp) 100 Miles!!!

I had a crazy thought as I was running a few days ago. I thought to myself:

"Self - you are feeling pretty good right now. You don't have any injuries. Maybe if you just took it easy and had fun with it, you could run 100 miles."

Then I thought to myself: "Self - I like your thinking! Run 100 miles....that sounds exciting!"

I took a picture at that very moment, just in case things actually developed the way I was thinking:

I emailed Jim, the race director of the Buffalo Run to see if it was possible to switch from the 50 miler to the 100 miler. And he said yes.

Keep in mind - this little event takes place next week. NEXT WEEK!!!!! (I just got serious butterflies in my stomach.)

The race starts Friday at noon and ends Saturday night. 30 hours straight of running. I'm going to have quite a story to tell after this one.....


  1. talking to carol about it the other day and she makes it sounds EASY. but then i remembered i almost died running 20 on tuesday. oh well. you can do it though!!!

  2. And that story is going to be AWESOME. Can't wait to read it!

  3. OH MY GOSH!! I'm really excited! It's not even me and I'm pumped! I'm trying to wrap my mind around your 100 miles and I can hardly do it!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS.... I will be cheering for you from the 50 mile route... haha. Can not wait to hear all about your experience.

    BTW- downloaded your "Believe" albumn.... LOVE IT. "If I could Hie to Kolob" is one of my favorite hymns. I keep my Jon schmidt cd in the car, because there are MANY moments I need to escape the chaos in my head. So pumped to pop the "Believe" cd in too. Wahoo!

  5. My first thought is Wow! He is crazy! but I think you are going to do awesome and I can't wait to hear about it. This also really puts my whining about the 13 miles I am going to run into perspective! Good Luck!