Monday, March 21, 2011

What Scares Me About 100 Miles

I would be lying if I said there weren’t a few things I’m worried about with the upcoming 100 mile race. I’m all for honesty so I’ll fill you in on some of my fears:

I’m worried about the early dawn hours of Saturday morning after I’ve been running all night. Me and sleep deprivation do NOT get along well.

I’m worried that I will be too sick to eat or drink which could cause problems. But by darn, I’m planning to cross that finish line even if it means crawling the last 50 miles. If I can’t crawl, I’ll roll. If I can’t roll, I’ll beg someone to throw me in a wheelbarrow.

I would prefer to not go cuckoo (more cuckoo than usual).

I’m worried about the weather. Current forecast, depending on where you look, isn’t so awesome. If you’re lucky it will just be rainy. If you’re unlucky, rain and snow. Booo! I’m not a fan of running in mud. My sister and her family took this picture near the location of the race. This is her sons BOOT buried in the mud. Please, no.

My friend Carol who is also doing the 100 miler gave some good advice as we started to fret about the weather: “Come what may, and love it.” I plan to follow that advice.


  1. "Come what may, and love it" Joseph B Wirthlin??? Love this. I will definetly be repeating this during the 50.

    That pic was taken out by Antelope Island? This week? Oh boy...

  2. I think you have lost your mind if you ask me, and I just haven't said it yet. From another runners standpoint your not prepared for this race. I do believe you were prepared for the 50miler. I ran my first half completely unprepared on 5 weeks training and that was nearly a disaster ok it was a disaster at points.

    But I think you know that your crazy for doing it and have accepted your fate be it as it may. So go out have fun, don't be afraid to lay back and walk when needs be and keep your eyes glued for a wheelbarrow just in case.