Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bike Injury and Attack Of The Mosquitoes

I took it easy this week to recover from the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.
Monday, July 18th 2011: Rest
Tuesday, July 19th 2011: 16.5 mile bike ride with Mel in 1 hour 8 minutes (14.4 mph)
Wednesday, July 20th 2011: Rest
Thursday, July 21st 2011: 2 mile run @ 10:33 minutes per mile.
Friday, July 22nd 2011: 17.7 mile ride with the wife in 1 hour 20 minutes (13.3 mph)
Saturday, July 23rd 2011: 3 mile run @ 9:39 minutes per mile.

We had a scary incident during a bike ride last week. Me and Mel were riding on a small one-lane road and we saw some cyclists coming from the opposite direction with a car behind them. Right as we were about to pass each other the car swerved out to pass the other cyclists but it was coming right toward us!

I veered off the side of the road into the dirt and Mel, who was right behind me, swerved over to the dirt too. Unfortunately the dirt and rocks caused her to wreck. She fell and got a huge bruise on her hip, and scraped her elbow and her knee.

I was livid. The driver just sped past and didn't even stop. It's scary to think that if we had been a second later in swerving off the side of the road we would have been hit. Grrrrrrrr.

A few days later we went on an early morning ride. There was an amazing sunrise, but also an amazing amount of mosquitoes. I made three quick stops to take pictures and later in the day I felt my whole body starting to itch. I asked my wife to write a summary because if I told you, you'd think I was exaggerating:

"My poor, poor husband has the sweetest blood known to mosquitoes. While on one of our bike rides he got eaten alive (literally). That night after he got home from work he showed me the mosquito buffet. His body was covered in bites. I think we counted 56. He even had tons on his back....and he was wearing a shirt! These are not typical mosquito bites. His bites swell up like the size of Texas! Well not really, but probably the size of a lima bean.

I felt so bad for him. He couldn't keep his legs still when we tried to go to sleep. He felt like his skin was crawling. We tried every treatment but nothing worked. He learned his lesson. Today when we went out the first thing he did was go spray insect repellant. I still love him even if he smells like DEET!"

Here are the sunrise pictures I sacrificed my body for. You decide if it was worth it:

Then the sky really lit up:

Pardon me while I go back to itching my legs until they look like Mel's bike injury.


  1. Ok that sunflower shot.. gorgeous! I know how you feel about the mosiquitos. Last yr I was running in the evening and literally I had to run for my life! I was smacking and swatting and running. I was covered in bites! Your bike injury looks painful enough.. gee add in the blood suckers. Wow!

  2. Oh, that is my biggest fear with biking. Car drivers. SO Scary. I am glad you are both okay. That is a pretty nasty injury. And the mosquitoes. Yuck! That must be miserable. Now the pictures!! Definitely worth the sacrifice. So beautiful!!

  3. Living in a highly populated city it's not uncommon here for bikers to actually be hit and drivers to peel off. It's kind of unfortunate that people don't have respect for human life unless it is their own.

    My mother-in-law told me the other day that vinegar helps ease the itch of bites. Don't know if you've yet given that a go but if you don't mind smelling like salad dressing...

  4. Wow, how scary. So glad you guys weren't hit, though that scrape looks nasty. Unbelievable that someone would almost hit you and not stop to make sure you're ok.

    Your pictures are gorgeous. I definitely think they're worth the mosquito bites, though I might feel differently if I were the one scratching. :)

  5. Thanks for sacrificing your body for those pics. They were great! My wife took a spill last week too. Her hip is purple, but it's healing.

  6. ummmmm what was the deal with that car...seriously???? so glad you all are okay with only minor injuries. i kinda hate mosquito bites. like really hate them. but I have to admit those pics are gorgeous!

    good luck on monday!! woo hoo!

  7. I had a bad few days recently with mosquitos myself. they got me all over the back of my legs. baking soda paste helps, but is sooo messy. I now how bug spray in my car.

  8. That last pic is amazing.... should be entered into a contest. My 5 yr old is a touch allergic to mosquitos. Each bite swells to the size of Texas and even bigger because she scratches so hard. Your bike story is exactly why I am scared of road biking.

  9. That's so scary. The leg scrape looks pretty bad, but I suppose it could have been alot worse. Glad you guys are both safe.

    Mosquito's suck, but the pics were definitely worth it. Those photos are gorgeous and I imagine it was even more amazing in person!

  10. That's horrible!!!! So glad y'all are safe. Those photos are gorgeous!

  11. Best. Pictures. Ever. Totally worth the mosquito bites.

    Good luck at the marathon tomorrow! I am so excited for you.

  12. What in the world is wrong with people in cars! Do you ever find yourself praying "please Lord, don't let anyone near me text while driving!". I do. I'm such a nervous biker! That whole mosquito thing sounded painful and itchy!

  13. Stupid drivers SUCK. I am so sorry that happened but so glad that nothing worse happened. URGH. i would have been super mad too.

    And sorry about the mosquitos but oh wow... the pics are amazing. Sunflowers are my favorite and that pic is incredible!

  14. WORTH. IT.

    That's easy for me to say- I'm not the one who's itching.

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