Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Questions And Answers

You should visit Rachelle at Running For Trevor. She is fast, funny, and motivational. She suggested I participate in......

An all-access question & answer session where any questions you ask me are welcome.

So here it is. Post your questions about running, life, preference of Hostess products, or any other random thing and I'll answer those questions in the next few days.

I would also love to see these people join in (Can't wait to hear from Lance! Riiiiiiight.)
Janice @ Run Far & Strong
Amylee @ Run My Guts Out
Tricia @ Endurance Isn't Only Physical
Lisa @ Eat, Pray, Run
Matthew @ Go, Smitty, Go!
Lance Armstrong @

On your mark. Get set. Go! Ask away!


  1. How do you get such good running pictures?

    What is your dream race?

    What major injuries have you had?

    What is your favorite running moment?

  2. Out of all the races you have run, which one is your favorite and why?

    What is the secret to such amazingly awesome jumping pics??

  3. What is your ultimate favourite Hostess product EVER?!

    What is your go-to meal before a race? How about after a race?

    What motivates you on days you just don't feel like running?

  4. Well, you're the second to tag me into this Q&A thing, so I'll crank out a post soon opening up for questions. Here's some for you:

    Why did you start jumping in your races?

    Why not Little Debbies?

    Does your family think you're as hilarious as I do?

  5. How exactly do you get those great jumping photos? Does it take multiple shots?

    What is one race you can't wait to do?

  6. When did you start playing the piano?? Do you have a baby grand in your home ;)

  7. I don't think I've ever been included in the same category as Lance Armstrong before. I feel so honored.

    Do you use photoshop? Do you alter the saturation on your photos? Or are your skills just unmatched?

  8. Who's your favorite artist Celine Dion or Heart? I love both of them and will sing you one of their songs anytime!

    Who's your favorite couple to vacation with?

    Why haven't we,meaning you, me and Mel, gone on any runs together?

    Getting a jumping picture with you is on my bucket list!

  9. So glad I saw this before you started answering!

    What is your all time ultimate dream race?

    Are you interested in doing an Iron man or ultra marathon?

    What is your secret to your amazing pictures? Do tell!

    Do your kids think your as funny as I do?

    Can we hangout and go to the hostess store next time your up north?

    Thats all for now.