Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jumping With My Blogger Friends

(Side note: spontaneous half marathon on Saturday! I was invited to the South Valley Half Marathon coming up in three more days. Let me know if you're running this race.)

A few hours before the Moonlight Half Marathon on Friday I met up with some fellow bloggers at Yogurtland. Admittedly, an alarm went off somewhere inside me as I was eating a large bowl of coconut frozen yogurt topped with M&Ms. I realized this may not be the smartest thing to be doing a few hours before running a half marathon. (Fortunately no problems resulted from my decision.)

I met Amylee from Run My Guts Out, Rachelle from Running For Trevor, and Julia from Pain, Pride, & Perseverance. As we were leaving, someone (surprisingly not me!) suggested we get a jumping picture together.

My friend from St. George, Dr. Greg Taylor and his wife happened to show up at Yogurtland too. So I asked if he’d take a jumping picture for us. His wife said “I’ll take it, I’ve taken some jumping pictures before.” It turns out she was a jumping picture expert! She gave great coaching, and offered to take multiple pictures until we got it right. One of my favorites is this outtake as we were trying to get into the zone.

A few tries later we finally got it right:

After all their effort, I definitely owed the Taylors a jumping picture. I’m glad they took me up on the offer. They got this one on their first try!

I was highly impressed with everybody's jumping abilities!
Style: A+
Grace: A+
Technique: A+
Synchronization: A+
Serious Kangaroo skillz: A+++++


  1. haha!!! this was seriously a blast! i have talked about our jumping picture skills multiple times since that day. we are pretty awesome!

    good luck at the half this weekend!

  2. ha ha!! Love it! I was so so bad at it and maybe have been secretly practicing for next time.... I had no idea you knew those people that took the pictures. I thought they were just complete strangers. ha ha they were great!

    There is a slight possibility I may be running the South Valley half. Apparently they are looking for pacers and I'm not sure I'd be good at pacing so I haven't committed yet. But I'll definitely let you know if I decide to run it!

  3. Not much of a blogger but have been blog stalking you ;) when I found you through rachelle's blog. bummed I missed out on the yogurtland get-together. work got in the way. ugh!
    I'm running South Valley. hopefully I'll see you there! -Cindy

  4. LOVE this!! I am so sad I couldn't be there! Rachelle invited me but I was heading out of town. Next time you come this way for sure!

  5. This is probably the best series of pictures I have ever seen!! I wish I lived in Utah! Jumping pictures are my absolute favourite!

  6. Ha ha! So awesome!!! I'm so glad I got to do a jumping picture with y'all! By far, the highlight of my weekend. Here's to some more in the future! (And here's to not having froyo backfire during your half!!!)

  7. I love me some Yogurt! Great jumping pics. That just takes talent! Hey, I put a special pic up on my blog for you. It's not really a "jumping" pic as you would do it, but I thought of you while I was doing my first Half Ironman on Sunday. Check it out... go-smitty-go.blogspot.com

  8. Freaking. Awesome. Jumping. Skills.

  9. These are great! For-yo, awesome bloggers and runners, and fun jumping photos? I'm so jealous!

  10. Yogurtland sounds....um...dangerous! Not pre-race though :) Just for regular daily trips.

    Great photos! I have a hard time catching action shots.

  11. Great pics, you guys are getting some serious air!!

  12. I was on top of Grays and Torreys a couple weeks ago and a couple asked if I'd take a picture of them jumping in the air. They fired me after about 5 tires. Where the heck was your friend and her camera???

  13. HEY HEY HEY!! I'm so jealous!!

    Hey Cory, Julia is coming to see me in two weeks! When she gets here we'll take a jumping picture so you can post it on your page too!

    I have an idea!! I think you should have a giveaway, everyone has to submit a jumping race photo!! It would be WILDLY WILDLY popular!!

  14. nice pics all of you are looking so excited!

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