Monday, November 28, 2011

I Am Thankful

My kids and I read the book Selma together all the time. It is easily one of my favorites. The book is about a sheep named Selma who has the same routine every day. She wakes up, eats some grass, plays with her kids, chats with the neighbor, eats some more grass, and sleeps well at night.

When Selma is asked what she would do if she had a million dollars, she said she would wake up in the morning, eat some grass, play with her kids, chat with the neighbor, eat some more grass, and have a good night’s sleep.

When Selma is asked what she would do if she had more time, she said she would wake up in the morning, eat some grass, play with her kids, chat with the neighbor, eat some more grass, and have a good night’s sleep. Selma is just plain happy with her life.

I feel exactly like Selma. I wake up in the morning, sometimes go for a run, spend the day at work, come home and spend time with the family, get the kids tucked into bed, then go to sleep. I think I would choose to do the same exact thing if I had a million dollars or if I had more time. I feel so happy. I feel so thankful. I would not change a single thing in my life.

I have had such a great Thanksgiving week. Here are a few of the highlights:

On Wednesday I tried to go on a bike ride. With all the training for the ultra, my bike actually had dust on it. That is embarrassing. Unfortunately the ride didn’t go quite as planned. I only made it four sissy miles because my feet are still too tender to wear bike shoes. Even two weeks after the Javelina Jundred, shoes still are not my friend.

Mel worked the night before Thanksgiving. Since we didn’t have work or school the next day, the kids and I stayed up late hanging out on the bed watching a movie. Our movie put Ace right to sleep.

On Thanksgiving morning I took the offspring on a hike around my favorite part of the Jem trail. The weather was perfect. We also took Ace with us. He had horrific gas that day. We kept thinking that we smelled a combination of road kill and moldy burritos, but then remembered that it was just Ace.

It was an excellent way to start the day and get a little exercise before going into a turkey coma.

On Friday I hiked around the Jem trail for a few hours trying to scout out some trails for the Zion 100. I was hunting for a trail up to Gooseberry Mesa which apparently climbs more than 1,500 feet in less than one mile (!!!!!). Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t find it, eh? I saw this image in my dirty car mirror as I was leaving:

My knees still aren’t ready to run, but they’re getting closer. They are a tad tight and achy. But I’m not stressed about it at all. I’m going to give my body all the time it needs to recover from the 100 miler. And I'm thankful for the lesson I learned this week to hike in front of, not behind a dog that smells like those leftovers you found in the back of the fridge from three months ago.

What are your favorite childrens books?
Selma is high on the list. I also like Love You Forever, Milk and Cookies, Goodnight Horsey, Guess How Much I Love You, and Have You Filled A Bucket Today (this is a must-read for any age).

How was your Thanksgiving?
I always over-eat, but this was the closest I've ever come on Thanksgiving to throwing up. I just couldn't resist the different pies for dessert.


  1. Sounds like an awesome time!! I am contemplating a 50 miler, I can't imagine a 100 miler...I bet your feet look like they were run over a cheesegrater!!

    Was that a bad visual? I need to read your RR

    Yeah, Porter has the worst gas. I hear giving them yogurt with their food helps, but I haven't tried it yet....

  2. well I'm Canadian but since I blog /w all you Americans my mother was nice enough to celebrate 2 thanksgiving - so I'm thankful for that.

    I love the photo of you, ace and the kiddos in the bed! lol and I LOVE this story of Selma....I'm going to buy that for my son :) thank you.

    PS: tommie copper giveaway today if you like their stuff!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I absolutely love, love, love that picture in the car mirror!!

  4. Guess How Much I Love You was a favorite book of mine growing up. You took some great photos of your family hiking, just beautiful! Wonderful Thanksgiving over, typical over eating but completely worth it and delicious foods!

  5. Aww such a nice blog. You know when you say you're perfectly happy, I believe it. I love the book Love You Forever- although I didn't discover it as a kiddo. My Thanksgiving was nice and relaxed. Some running, some eating and some couch sitting. Perfecto!

  6. Selma- that sounds like an excellent book! How wonderful to be so happy with your life. Although I love my life and am very, very blessed, I still have wants- which mostly center around my husband being out of school.

    I ate more candied yams than I care to share, BUT I only wanted to puke at one time this weekend and it didn't have anything to do with food. It had EVERYTHING to do with running.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I love you Forever is one of my all time favorites! Horton Hatches an Egg is another. I remember my dad reading it to me and now I read it to my kids. I have never heard of Selma but now I need to get it because that is an important lesson for kids (and adults) to learn.

    Love the picture of you guys in bed with Ace. That is so cute.

  8. I discovered your blog recently and really enjoy it. I started running in my 50s and feel pretty sure it IS the fountain of youth. 26.2 was hard enough for me, so I am in AWE of your 100 miler!

  9. That's pretty crazy that your feet are still busted up from the big one. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. It's awesome that you put your kids first. Way to be a good dad!

  10. I haven't read Selma but it sounds like a great children's story. I used to read Good Night Moon and many Dr. Seuss books to my kids when they were young. Brings back good memories.