Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scene From The Oral Surgeon's Office

Scene from the oral surgeon's office the week before the Javelina Jundred:

Oral surgeon: "The endodontist is right. The root on the tooth is cracked."
Cory: "Thanks for the un-awesome news. No wonder it feels like I've been chewing on lightning for four months." (At least that's what my brain said.)
Oral surgeon: "We'll need to do a tooth extraction today and fill in the bone so you can have a post implant in a few months."
Cory: "Okay. I have my first 100 miler coming up next week. As long as I'll be okay for the race, I don't care what you do."
Oral surgeon: "You won't be able to exercise for 3-4 days, but you'll be fine next week to do a 100 mile bike ride."
Cory's Wife: "No, he'll be running 100 miles."
Awkward silence.
Oral surgeon: Gets crazy eyes like a Care Bear just walked in the room and asked him to square dance.
Cory: Sits there quietly wondering if that's a deal breaker and he'll have to keep his lightning tooth.
Oral surgeon: "You're......running 100 miles?"
Cory: "Well, I hope so."
Oral surgeon: "Um.....okay. You'll be okay to run 100 miles if we do the tooth extraction."

Cory gets laughing gas. He still doesn't think the oral surgeon is funny. Oral surgeon says "You're going to feel some pressure." Adios dumb tooth.
Cory gladly takes a gaping hole in the back of his mouth over chewing on lightning.

The end.


  1. Loved it! Lightning never really tastes all that great anyway. I'm glad it didn't mess you up for the 100.

  2. Mouth pain is the ULTIMATE worst pain of all in my opinion. Glad you didn't have to chew on lightning for your 100 mile race.

  3. I've chewed on lightning before and it's probably better you didn't have to do 100 miles with that aching feeling every time you have a footfall! I'm not sure how you even trained with lightning in your mouth!

  4. You should have asked for a dose of that laughing gas at mile 80, eh? :) Glad to hear the tooth is out and not bothering you now, yay!

  5. ha ha I used to act just like your oral surgeon when people talking about marathons and running distance. I thought they were crazzzzyyy! Glad the tooth is gone.

  6. Ohhhhh, how I hate the dentist!! I had one really work me over and buzz me like a contestant in the torture chamber a couple times so I'm hesitant.

    That's a good story!!

  7. Toothaches are the worst! Glad you got it taken care of.

  8. Ha ha ha!!! That's awesome. I'm so glad you shared this.

  9. I would love to have been a fly on the wall! Hilarious! (Of course I didn't have the chewing on lightning tooth)

  10. That's the worst blog story I have ever read. I HATE the dentist - well don't we all.

    Hope you are feeling better now though. And feeling GREAT in time for the 100 miler!