Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Verge Of A Crisis

"It's not the races you enter that count. It's your runs in training and sticking with it. It's how you adjust to injury and how you recover that makes you a good runner." ~ Dave Hladysh

Our family is on the verge of a crisis. Our washing machine passed on to Washing Machine Heaven almost two weeks ago. Home Depot is not feeling the same urgency we are to do laundry. Our floor is now a layer of dirty clothes. Our children are about to become the stinky kids at school that you always hated sitting by. Please rescue us Home Depot. We promise we won't put anymore Chapstick in the washing machine. Helllllllllp!

On Monday I attempted a run. I woke up early and put on layer after layer of clothing. I started running and it was bitter cold and blowing like a hurricane (no accident that I live in a city named Hurricane). I made it one mile before realizing that this was possibly the dumbest thing ever and nobody with more than seven brain cells should be out running in this condition. I have barely more than seven brain cells so I went home. Fail.

On Wednesday I ran 11.2 miles on some beautiful trails. But in good conscience I can't really call this one a run. I hiked way more than I ran. Although my camera happened to catch this nerdy-looking runner heading down the trail:

It was cold and windy. My muscles felt tight, kind of like Laffy Taffy that just came out of the refrigerator. Don't you hate when you get a case of Laffy Taffy Legs? I snapped this picture at the end. What I lack in speed and athletic ability, I make up for in self-timer skillz.

It was the anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor. We went there last year and I snapped this photo inside the memorial:

Saturday was a little 3 mile jaunt through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. This trail is exactly one mile from my house. In the hundreds and hundreds of miles I have run on trails I have never, ever seen another runner. I've seen maybe 10 mountain bikers over the last few years but never another runner. Until Saturday! In passing, I didn't tell her that our washing machine was broken so I was wearing dirty running clothes.

Did you watch the Biggest Loser marathon? Although I don't think it's wise to jump from morbidly obese to marathon in 5 months, I loved watching the show. I was so impressed, especially with the last finishers who took more than 10 hours. I have a tender spot in my heart for the slow runners (probably because I relate to them so much). Major props to them, and anyone else who uses a marathon as their goal to get in shape!


  1. It's unfair that where I run isn't like anything close to what you get to look at! :)

    I did watch the Biggest Loser Marathon and was sooo impressed with Ramone! He always seemed to do a lot of the tasks through the season halfway and then the marathon, he just made it his mission! My favorite part of the show!

    I live the Laffy Taffy leg dream ALL THE TIME!

  2. I love the marathon too, but I'm always so torn when I watch it. I don't think it's such a hot idea either, to throw them from morbidly obese to marathon in 5 months..... but I do love watching!

  3. Obviously, I don't have more than 7 brain cells, evident by the race I did two weekend's ago :).

    Hope Home Depot is reading your blog and gives ya a new machine for Christmas! :)

  4. I was at Pearl Harbor in May 2011.....maybe we were there?? lol

    I love your pie chart. same goes for my house

  5. Beautiful trails! I also love watching Biggest Loser and it was when they first started running marathons in the show that I thought, ~Darn it. Now I have to run one. If they can do it, I have no excuse!~

    BTW, don't they have laundromats in Hurricane?

  6. I'm so motivated by that marathon run on Biggest Loser. What's my excuse? I have none. I'll possibly be trying a marathon in 2012.....wait......did I really just type that???

  7. Awesome pictures Cory!! I wholeheartedly agree that your self timer skills are top notch. You rock!

  8. I don't watch BL regularly, but it's so inspiring when I catch it in passing. You know, the thing about the marathon is that doing it is so empowering. Slow marathoners unite! :)

    Good luck with the new washing machine. That would be a nightmare at our house with two athletes and one husband who works outside.

  9. I love watching the BL marathon. I don't think it's healthy for them to run one so soon, but it is entertaining!

    I love Hurricane. My Grandparents had a winter home there when I was a kid. My Grandpa actually made a statue that is in one of the parks there.

    Love the self portraits. I have no self timer skills!

  10. I LOVE the top picture of you running. It looks like a picture you would see of an ultra runner in a magazine. You should submit it to Rocky Mountain Running magazine. Truly. E-mail me if you want the submission info.

  11. At least you've got 7 brain cells... :) Those pics were great! Oh yeah, and I love watching the Biggest Loser. I wanted Jess to win the marathon, but she did great anyway. Good luck finding a washing machine.

  12. Yikes on the washing machine! When mine broke this summer I freaked out and fixed it myself. So glad I did it too, because I couldn't wait much longer to do some laundry! (and the one laundry mat in town is where all the skeevy people hang out - I'm not going there!)

  13. Heehee! That chart made me laugh...

  14. Hope you get that maytag soon!

    I go through several tubes of lip lube a week in the darn dryer!! Havent seen TBL marathon yet...but I might look for it now.
    Have a great week!

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