Sunday, January 22, 2012

Celebrity Sighting

Here are just a few of the random events from the past week:

On Wednesday I was so crazy busy at work all day and didn't have time to stop and eat lunch. Finally at 3:30pm I had a five minute break. Barely enough time to run across the street and get a gas station hot dog. (Just the thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.)

Hot dogs have a special ability to corrupt the taste buds. That taste stays in your mouth for hours, despite how much Diet Mountain Dew you drink or how much gum you chew.

If Wheaties are indeed the breakfast of champions, gas station hot dogs are the lunch of champions. Research shows that eating three gas station hot dogs per week will cut your marathon time by seven minutes.

Later that night Kylee and I went on a walk and saw an amazing sunset:

I stayed outside for a little while later and the sunset got even more psychedelic:

Saturday night the whole fam went to the Dixie State College basketball game and had a blast. We got to sit behind this guy who kept us laughing all night:

We also had the honor of having Cee Lo Green officiate the basketball game! What a privilege to have someone with such television and pop music fame gracing us with his presence.

If, by some crazy fluke, this really isn't Cee Lo Green, it is at least his twin brother. Now get out there and eat your hot dogs!


  1. Hot dogs also have that ability to keep giving. I can burp them up for hours after eating them. Mmmm what's that flavour? Four hour old hot dog with a garnish of stomach acid.

  2. It totally is him:) Gotta love gas station food:)

  3. I have been on a hot dog kick lately and I really hate them!