Friday, March 30, 2012

Be A Pacer - Run For Free!

Do you like to run?
Do you like to help others?
Would you like to be involved in a race for FREE?

If you answered yes to those questions, boy do I have an idea for you!

The Zion 100 coming up on May 11-12 is looking for pacers to help runners during the later stages of the race. Here are the perks: 1) You get to participate in part of the race without paying anything. 2) You get to use the same aid stations and eat whatever you want. 3) You get a free dinner. 4) You get a free shirt. 5) You get to help another runner who is looking for some companionship.

Here are some responses to some common concerns about pacing:

I don't even know what a pacer is.
A pacer is basically there to give some company to the runners. After running 60 or 70 miles, your mind can get a little fuzzy. The pacer helps make sure their runner stays on the course, makes sure they are eating and drinking, and gives the runner someone to talk to. Click HERE to read more about what a pacer does.

I can't run that far.
You can choose how far you want to go. You want to run 7 miles? Perfect! 11 miles? Great! 17 miles? Excellent. You decide.

I can't run fast.
The word "pacer" is a little deceiving. You aren't going to be striving to keep someone at a certain pace. Think of it more as a companion than a pacer. Trust me - by the time you meet up with your runner, they will have run lots and lots of miles already. They will be very tired, and likely walking a lot more than running. Speed definitely isn't an issue.

If you're considering getting into ultra running, this is an excellent opportunity to see what it's all about. If you just like to run and want to be involved in the festivities, I think this is right up your alley.

Click HERE and follow the link to volunteer and become a pacer. I guarantee it will be a good time!


  1. You had me at free food.

    I just wish I lived in Utah! That sounds awesome! And as close to an ultra as I'll ever get!

  2. This actually sounds really fun! If I wasn't going to be out of town those days, I'd look into it. CONGRATS on the 50-miler...and I can't wait to hear about this 100 miler! You're crazy...awesome for doing these long races!

    Thanks for your comment on our blog - we are really excited!

  3. Replies
    1. I just signed up :) I'm going to trust you that I don't have to be fast but I can be cheerful and supportive to tired people. Wow! I hope I know what I just got myself into.

  4. I could never be a pacer in the traditional way - but that sounds like a lot of fun. Pity I'm so far away.

  5. Hey, if you want a last long training run you can come to Salt Flats and kick my butt through the night, 2 weeks before Zion! I won't cry or yell at you...probably.