Monday, April 2, 2012

Very Un-Awesome

I have experienced a number of things that are very, very un-awesome. A few of these include:

1) Once I stopped at Home Depot on the way to work to buy some bags of cow manure for the lawn and left them sitting in my hot car all day. The smell in my car for the following two weeks.....very, very un-awesome.

2) Once I passed out while getting my blood drawn. Waking up on the floor with a nurse cradling my head in her hands......very, very un-awesome.

3) Once I was in an airport when a Gloria Estifan song came on the speaker system. There was nowhere I could run to escape the sound. My ear drums were weeping. Very, very un-awesome.

4) Middle school. Start to finish. Especially playing Shirts and Skins in PE while the girls watched. And how did I always end up being Skins? Very, very, VERY un-awesome.

On Wednesday I had another experience which was very, very un-awesome: getting a metal post drilled into my jaw. This dental implant is like twisting a screw into a piece of wood. Except instead of putting the screw into a piece of gets screwed into your jaw bone. You guessed it......very, very un-awesome.


On Saturday I ran for the first time since the 50 miler last week. Almost all of the muscle soreness is gone and I'm feeling pretty good. I've made sure to give plenty of rest time. I ran 7 miles near Gooseberry Mesa.

I had a few peeps join me on the trail: Mel's step-mom Dottie, Mel, and our good friend Jess who will be doing some pacing for me at the Zion 100. (I have warned Jess that she may see me differently than she's ever seen me before. (Such as crying like a little girl, or laying on the side of the trail in fetal position begging to die.)

I have become quite fond of this windmill that is on the trail. As opposed to all those un-awesome things I mentioned, this windmill is actually highly, highly awesome.

It's safe to say that I'm getting a little (understatement of the year) scared about the Zion 100 coming up in six weeks. That leaves me three more weeks of training and then three weeks to taper. Cue the butterflies in the stomach.

Have any of you had something very un-awesome happen lately?


  1. Zion 100 is nothing! You've already done 100, so this is just a glory run for you. :)

    I'm glad the soreness is gone. Keep those sweet pictures coming. I loved the windmill!

  2. Super unawesome stuff going on for sure! I bet having your mouth worked on helped divert the pain away from your run?

  3. 6 weeks to Zion? That's definitely not un-awesome!

    You have the worst tooth un-awesomeness experiences. No fun.

    I LOVE the windmill. I have a pic in my study of one from Iowa, my home state. :)

  4. Ahhh you'll do great at the race! I bet it'll be easier than getting that dental work done on your jaw! How funny is it that if you had to choose between the two you would probably pick running 100 miles over getting your jaw drilled!? :)

  5. Someone kicked the plug on my treadmill this morning midrun and that was pretty un-awesome....

    Great pictures! And you will do great at the 100.

  6. You are a freakin' rockstar! You will do great at your 100 miler!

  7. You'll do great on your 100 mile run...we're all pulling for you.

    I had my first DNF at a race yesterday (my second marathon), where I succumbed to heat exhaustion and cramps at mile 12...that was definitely un-awesome !

  8. And dentists wonder why nobody likes them. Maybe if you didn't try to screw things into our head we'd like you a little bit more.

  9. my dog peed on my coat and gloves today after i shedded them post run. all fine...except on the drive back my sweat turned to chills and i was not about to put on a urine coat. very un-awesome. you will rock zion. too gorgeous out there not to ;)

  10. Does the dentist like it when you tell him that he inflicts worse pain than running 50 miles? I bet he does.

  11. Oh Cory you're a big baby. I had two dental implants and was FINE. HTFU. JK. Sorry you're having troubles bubbles but you're kicking butt with the training and great photos.

  12. Shirts and skins! Ba ha ha! Terrible. Jr. High is a tragic experience.

    My husband had a full mouth reconstruction. He spent lots of time in the dental chair. Paying for it was VERY UN-AWESOME.

  13. just got a cold after getting over my groin injury...very unawesome.

  14. I'm sorry about the dentist, but that picture cracked me up.

    I've had some un-awesome experiences, but I just realized they are definitely TMI.

    Excited for you with Zion. I wish I could be a pacer, but I live too far away...

  15. 4-year-old meets bowling ball meets my big toe.... totally un-awesome. :)

  16. That pic of the "dentist" totally makes me cringe...that's awful! Hope your jaw is feeling ok.

    Currently what is totally un-awesome is stress. Let's see, it's 3:45 am and I've been reading blogs for an hour....not sleeping = unawesome.