Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virgin Islands In Review - Part 2

If by some twist of fate you didn't see Part 1 of the Virgin Islands review, you can find it HERE.

Would you care to know a few facts about St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands?
1) The main grocery store is called Pueblo. They didn't carry Diet Dr. Pepper and my wife almost started crying.
2) We ate coconut ice cream by the bucket from St. Thomas Dairy. Funny thing is that we never saw a solitary cow on the island. We later heard that the dairy just uses powdered milk.
3) They drive on the left side of the road in Virgin Islands. We only had a few near-fatal mishaps on the roads.
4) There are tons of boats.

We stopped at many beaches, but some we just enjoyed at the scenic overlook. Case in point - Trunk Bay.

We visited St. John one day and went on some cool hikes. One hike took us to some old ruins like this one:

One of the popular beaches on St. Thomas is called Magens Bay. First we went to the overlook. I had no idea at this point that I was about to become famous.

As we were hanging out at Magens Bay a young couple walked by us arguing. AND they happened to be surrounded by a camera crew. Thanks to Google I found out that a new season of MTV's reality show The Real World has started filming.

I was standing in the background as they walked by the second time. When the show airs, I'd appreciate if you don't stop by my house asking for autographs.

I learned that pelicans are scary creatures. They will plunge into the water for fish no matter how close by a human may be.

We are thankful our friends Darin and Shelley invited us on this trip. Our room had an awesome view of the ocean. This was the view we saw from our room:

On the last night of our trip we ate dinner near Bluebeard's Castle (seen below). Note to self: Don't order the Pepsi which costs approximately $1 per swallow and the waiter forgets to tell you the cost until you have had six swallows.

Shelley is a fellow photography nerd so we had to leave the dinner table for a minute to go take a picture of the incredible sunset.

Great fun was had by all. Nobody died as a result of the crazy island drivers. And I have a massive craving for powdered milk turned into coconut ice cream.


  1. WOW!....and WOW!! I'm a desk jockey currently sitting at my desk and I wanna run away. I wanna pull up a chair and chillax, then go look for some of that powdered ice cream.

  2. coconut ice cream. i need me some buckets of that as well i believe :)

  3. The colours in those photos are so vivid they almost don't seem real.

    I didnt know you could make ice cream out of powdered milk. You learn something knew every day.

  4. Looking back, did that ice cream taste that good?? Perhaps you have a new found love of powdered ice cream... ;~) I'm glad you are finally going to be famous. I always knew you would be, I just figured it would be a result of your mad piano skills, not your eating powdered ice cream on an island with pelicans dive-bombing you.

  5. You're famous! I don't watch any MTV, so I doubt I'll see you, but it's still pretty cool that you were there. Those pics were, as usual, AMAZING! You guys had a blast!

  6. I would cry without Diet Dr. Pepper, too. So sad. Coconut ice cream sounds amazing- not so sure about the powdered milk, but I am not picky about my junk food.
    Your trip looks like it was amazing!

  7. as always, awesome pics!! Sounds like you're getting in some real adventure down there...

  8. My wife and I went to the Virgin Islands once. She forgot her camera and was constantly asking the people we were with to take some pics for her. You take some amazing photos! Do you think we could have some of yours? Also, did you guys make it to Botany Beach? Fun beach! We found a bunch of hats and sunglasses there. Thanks!

  9. Reese....I have heard that you have some inappropriate pics and are unwilling to share! Any truth to this? I think your fans would want to know and possibly see these pics! Blackmail is an ugly thing but I may have to resort to it if needed. By the way, good luck on the Buffalo and bring a Slurpee home for me!!

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