Friday, August 24, 2012

Must Read Blogs

Blogs are a great source of information, and humor (and homemade Hostess recipes). Here are a few blogs that I highly recommend:

Riding The Wind – The blog of insanely awesome ultrarunner Anton Krupicka. At first glance, you’d think Anton looks like Jesus in running shoes. If nothing else, scroll through his pages to check out his pictures. In my opinion they are some of the best on the web.

Alisa – My high school friend Alisa Linton is fighting cancer. She also happens to be insanely awesome. Her courage and determination is incredible. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further.

It Just Gets Stranger – This guy is one of the funniest writers I have seen in a long time. I first came across his blog when I saw this review of the Deseret News Marathon. His posts are hilarious. Grab the tissues because you will be laughing so hard that you cry.

The MRC – This is from a group of trail runners with some cool stories and pictures. One of my favorites is Jay Aldous, one of the nicest runners I know. (Despite my reluctance, he coaxed me to drink more Coke at the Buffalo Run 50 miler and I started feeling better within minutes.) One of my favorite posts is his review of breaking the 100 mile world age record.

It’s A Dog Lick Baby World – Kara’s blog is one of the first I turn to when I need an irreverent good laugh. She has a gift for turning bad things into funny things.

What are your favorite blogs to read? 


  1. I can't believe my blog was just mentioned on a list with Anton Krupicka's blog. It must be because I run just like him. :)

  2. As far as wilderness/trail running blogs with photos go, Joe Grant's Alpine Works is the best I've found. Truly awe-inspiring shots of mountain running around the world. Gets a bit deep/philosophical in his writing for me, but good stuff there too.

    Dakota Jones' Living the Dream is hilarious for elite running sarcasm. He once did a recipe/cooking video using only Clif products.

    Ditto to this blog being one of the best out there. The readership proves that.

  3. I agree with Betsy! Not only is yours so fun to read but you are very supportive and encouraging to many of us trying to get better as we continue this running journey!

  4. I love Kara's blog too--because of comments like the one she left on this post.