Monday, August 20, 2012

Overdosing On Cinnamon Rolls

"Oul our bike canes!"

I saw the note sitting on the counter and I remembered I needed to oul the bike canes (code words for "Oil our bike chains").

The day before, my youngest daughter Kylee told me that her bike chain slipped off while riding home from school. Two "really old people" stopped and helped her fix the chain. (Thank you really old people, whoever you are.) They said "Whoa! Your chain like really needs some oil!" (Admittedly, I'm doubtful that the really old people used the word "like" in this sentence but I'll take my daughter's word for it.)

I asked Kylee to leave a note on the counter to remind me to oil our bike chains. Little kid spelling (and really old people who help kids with bike chains) are awesome. When I saw the note, I went right outside to oul the bike canes.

I decided I'd take an easy week after the Corner Canyon 50k last week. I wasn't sore at all, but my body just wasn't feeling that running mojo. (Possibly because I tried to overdose on cinnamon rolls this week.) My runs were:

Wednesday, August 15th 2012: 4 miles @ 10:14 minutes per mile. Not chased by any stray dogs. Bonus!

Friday, August 17th 2012: 13 miles @ 10:57 minutes per mile. My friend Jess (who was my pacer extraordinaire for the Zion 100) asked if I wanted to do a "longish run" Friday morning. We ended up doing a half marathon before work. Waking up at 4:00am to run a half marathon before working all day guarantees an afternoon Diet Mountain Dew.

Saturday, August 18th 2012: 7 miles @ 11:56 minutes per mile. I went on my favorite secret path near the Jem Trail. It was one of those mornings when the sunrise gives you goosebumps:

I was just standing there admiring the view when all of the sudden this lanky, wiry, nerdy runner jumped right in front of the camera:

It was already an inferno outside, too hot to be too speedy. Plus I ate too many cinnamon rolls this week and my body was on a sugar crash. Plus I wanted to soak in the scenery around me. You ought to join me out here sometime.

I have run out here countless times. I've seen roughly 87,371 rabbits. I've seen tons of lizards. I've seen some desert tortoises. I've seen mountain lion tracks. But there is one thing I've NEVER seen out here....until Saturday. HUMANS!

Other than a few people I have taken out here, I've never seen another human being. I was surprised and caught off guard when I nearly ran into them.

When I got home, Mel and I did an 11 mile bike ride. It's a good thing I had "ouled our bike canes".

As a public service to my fellow Utahns, Maverik gas stations have cinnamon rolls for $1.49. You will think you died and went to heaven. And then you will develop an addiction. And then you will eat too many, and your body will feel like a slug when you go out running. But they are heavenly.


  1. When I read "Oul our bike canes" I had to keep reading it over and over to figure out what in the world Cory was talking about? I gave up and continued reading and then it all made sense. Gotta love kids and their sweet ways of spelling when they are young.

    I seriously think you need to submit that photo of you jumping, to the Boys Scouts of America. It looks like an excited little cub scout ready to embark on an adventure!! Maybe you could be on the cover of their magazine??

  2. Seriously amazing pictures! You should probably quit your fulltime job and just be a running photographer. For reals!

    Did you also know that Maverick has the monst amazing frozen yogurt cones for $1.00 and you can make them as big as you want. I have a card and after 10 you get 1 free.

  3. okay. reading all these posts and comments about maverik make me miss that place like crazy. who woulda thought that i would move and miss a gas station!?! bahahaha. the sky is incredible in those pics. absolutely breathtaking. i could stare all day long at those photos. also. starting the post with a cinnamon roll title and then your daughter's note definitely led my thought process immediately to sugar canes!?! haaaaa. have a good day Cory!

  4. Now I want cinnamon rolls. Big time!

    You can't miss those humans in those bright yellow shirts! HA!!

  5. I love little kid spelling, too. My son has a "Do Not Enter" sign for his door with the N written backwards. It's almost a stereotype.

    Now you have me craving cinnamon rolls instead of running. I know what next Sunday's "Sunday sugar" is going to be.

  6. I'm just wondering exactly how old those 'really old' people were. Probably my age (sigh). When I was a kid I thought so many of my teachers were really old. They're really old now - probably not so much back then.

    Love your daughter's note. It's so cute when they're learning to spell. My niece came home with a little essay when she was 7 and the only person who could read it was my 7 year old son.

  7. Looks like Hostess has a little bit of competition with the gas station!

  8. I love that photo of the "weird runner" so much. It's incredible.

    Also, I really want a cinnamon roll right now and there isn't a Maverick in sight. Thanks for that.