Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Castle Creek Inn

Would you forgive me for doing a post that has nothing to do with running?

Oh, good. I'm glad we can still be friends. Last week we got to spend a night at the Castle Creek Inn in Sandy, Utah. They didn't pay me for this review.

Staying here was particularly awesome to me because I grew up two houses away from the castle.

When I lived there, the castle wasn't a cool bed and breakfast place. Someone actually lived there. I think. We never saw an actual human there. The closest we saw to a life form was a car that would sometimes be parked out front. I was interested to see the back of the castle without fearing that I would be shot.

Now each room of the castle has a slightly different theme but they all looked nice. We had fun staying up late, watching movies, and eating unhealthy amounts of Cadbury Eggs.

It was freezing cold outside when I was taking pictures. This was my view from the sidewalk as a car drove by:

The back of the castle is surrounded by a patio and trees.

If you're looking for a relaxing evening with some movies, unhealthy amounts of Cadbury Eggs, and an awesome breakfast in the morning, the Castle Creek Inn is worth checking out. You can check out their website HERE.


  1. That place is SICK! I'm sure it's much more awesome because the snow is there. It makes it feel like you're in the high mountains of Europe or something. I'm glad you guys got to stay there.

  2. Crazy that I've lived in UT so long and never even heard of this place. It sounds awesome and I'm glad you had a great well deserved weekend getaway. Did you run around the castle?

  3. You had me at cadbury eggs.

    That castle is awesome! Sounds like you had a great time!

    I'm starting to feel like I was the only one who grew up in a neighborhood without a mysterious house.

  4. I love the atmosphere. There's just enough spooky there to make anyone
    a little jittery.

    Thought of you the other day while I was out shopping. I found an American food store which sold Twinkies. They had a sign next to them saying 'last Twinkies ever'. So very sad ... for you.

  5. I live just up the hill from this place and it's always kind of been creepy. I'm glad to hear that its nice inside. I remember before it was a bed and breakfast too. It never really seemed like anyone lived there and like it was always a construction work in progress.

  6. Really nice place! I've always wanted to stay over in a nice castle. We don't have many here in SA. The photos are beautiful! We also don't see much snow here.

  7. You can never go wrong with a castle. I bet you were super excited to stay there since there was the mystery of growing up close to it! We have a castle near where I live and it was built by that actor, the 10 million dollar man. Forget his name tho.

  8. Despite the snow, these pictures just made me a little homesick.

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