Friday, February 1, 2013

Transform Yourself

I'm a little behind on telling you about the Transform Yourself race last Saturday. Who knows - maybe I'm behind because of the blood sugar spikes from one too many cinnamon rolls during the week.

It was a 10 mile race on the Diamond Ranch Academy dirt road. I wanted to get in a few extra miles so I got there an hour before the rest of the group. It was pouring rain but the group was no less ambitious at the starting line:

This was an Underground Runner race - which makes it less of a "race" and more of a fun run with a medal at the end. I was really happy to run this one because I'd be running with by brother-in-law Cody - this was his first race ever. Also joining the gang were his wife (my sis in law) Rach, my awesome wife Mel, her sister Heather, and Heather's support crew of Shannon and Taylor.

Within a mile we started up a slog of a hill with really slick mud. It was literally one foot forward and two feet back. If runners were able to detach from themselves, the absurdity of the scene was quite comical.

Despite the rain and shoes weighing an extra seven pounds because of the mud, our gaggle of runners was doing great. This is Cody, Polli, Micah, Rach, and Mel who I ran with the whole time. Cody is downright funny and made the miles pass easily. He has been training hard and did awesome.

The course was an out-and-back. This mud was similar to running on a sheet of Crisco (but much less delicious).

With some miles beforehand and a few miles afterward, I was able to stretch the 10 mile race into a 20 miler. This was the scene afterward. You will notice three things: 1) Some tread-less Hoka shoes, 2) Some dirt-covered pants, and 3) my gaiters which could make you feel like you're on an acid trip.

I've done lots and lots of races but never received a two-sided medal like we earned from the Transform Yourself run. I also brought home a bonus souvenir of lots of mud on the bottoms of my shoes. (Sorry about that mess in the car Mel.)


  1. All kinds of training for your upcoming adventures this Spring and Summer! That's awesome. Mel is so cute!!

  2. Those are the most awesome medals EVER!!! Love them!!!

  3. Hands down the coolest medals I've ever seen ever! Seriously. My kids would go nuts if I brought that home.

    You have the coolest races down there! I need to move to Southern Utah!

  4. Sounds like a blast Cory and I hope your hookas make a full recovery.

  5. We had some of that mud run fun on our run today. Apparently when the river floods it leaves behind lovely slippery mud and when that mud's on wooden planks it can become less like running and more like skating.

  6. Cool medal! You need to get some new shoes if they are causing you to slip around, right? I'm glad you had fun. That underground group looks like a fun group!

  7. Super cool medals! Running that far in muddy conditions is no joke!

  8. Where to get those medals? I seriously want one of those Transform Yourself ones, not for the kids, for me! Im about to do a 12 week transformation and that would be the perfect achievment medal blast to the past. Unreal.