Friday, March 1, 2013

This Week's Moon Pictures

Earlier this week my son and I went out to get some pictures of the rising moon. I really enjoy these little photography outings with Jackson. We were able to catch the moon coming up right over Zion National Park:

The more the sun went down, the brighter the moon lit up:

After that, we drove back toward home to catch the moon above Smith Mesa. Jackson saw this great shot which ended up being my favorite picture of the night:

And then one last picture before the light left the mountain:

After we got home we looked through the pictures. Jackson really wanted me to send one in to the news so I chose my favorite. Funny enough, that picture showed up a few times on the news the next night. We were a little giddy when meteorologist Kevin Eubank called it an "absolutely spectacular picture". I'm thinking I need to take the kids on photo trips more often.


  1. First of all, what a great outing with your son! That's cool.

    Secondly, great shots as usual, and I think it's really cool that it got featured on tv! You're even more famous now!

  2. It is an absolutely spectacular picture.

  3. Excellent job! I love all those pictures! I envy your ability to capture the beauty you're surrounded by.

  4. Nice shots! So cool that you were able to share that with your son, and then have it featured on the news.

  5. Great pics! And I noticed that the moon was in my rear view mirror the other day, crazy!

  6. Corey, I'm going to be at the Zion 100 crewing for Tim Long (I'm pretty sure) - I hope we can hook up while there; it appears we'll be there on the 18th!! Let me know if you can get together!!!