Thursday, April 11, 2013

UltrAspire Omega Hydration Pack Review

I am excited to announce a new partnership with UltrAspire, a great company that makes high quality hydration packs, water belts, and hand held bottles. I really look forward to working with these guys for years to come.

They provided an UltrAspire Omega pack that I have been using for months. I wanted to spend plenty of miles with it before I wrote a complete review. It has become a beloved running companion.

It accompanied me for hundreds of miles while training for my long race.

This considerate pack didn't even make fun of me when it was so cold outside that I wore some unflattering white tights.

The final test was wearing the UltrAspire Omega during the Buffalo Run 100 miler. I'm happy to report that the pack worked like a charm. I had no issues with bouncing, I didn't get any hot spots, and it was just as comfortable after 100 miles as it was at mile 1.

The thing I like best about the pack is the construction. I used another brand for a few years previously. What I noticed with UltrAspire was that the materials are more sturdy, higher quality. The Omega holds a 2 liter bladder which is perfect to get me through long training runs and ultramarathons.

There are lots of cool features that make the pack even more functional. This little pouch on top is easily accessible so I use it to hold my head light, spare batteries, or a phone.

This handy little pocket is right on the front of the pack and is held shut with a cool magnet system. I've used this pocket to hold salt tablets.

By far the thing I like most about this pack is the huge amount of storage space in a large pocket at the back of the pack. It is large enough to hold a jacket, poncho, extra food, or even another bottle of water if you wanted. I go on long 20-30 mile training runs so I've loved being able to pack everything I need for a really long run.

The only issue I had was that the water hose sometimes came up and rubbed against my neck. My sweet mother-in-law sewed a little strap of fabric to hold it down. (In the picture, it's the different-colored elastic strap.) My wife bought this same pack and I have friends who use it who have never had this problem. Maybe I have a weird neck.

The front of the pack has two good-sized pockets. My camera easily fits in one side. The other side can hold gels, a phone, or a baggie of Swedish Fish (guilty).

For short races and training runs, the Omega is probably more pack than you need. UltrAspire has all different sizes and styles HERE.) But for longer training runs and races, the Omega may be right up your alley. For me, it has been the best pack I have ever used.


  1. Okay, I need a new pack with pockets in the front and have been looking at this pack for a long time. My one big question/concern: Does that front strap that snaps together adjust up and down...meaning, can I move it up so it's closer to my chest? I had a Nathan pack for awhile but there was no strap at the chest and the straps kept falling off to the side. I fear this one may also if I can't pull those shoulder straps closer.

  2. Looks like a good pack. I don't think we get UltrAspire her in SA. I us a North Face pack and is also very happy with it.

    1. Hi Johann, Outdoor Freedom in Centurion sells the Ultraspire products