Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clik Elite Jetpack Review - Awesome Camera Pack!

The folks over at Clik Elite make the finest camera bags on the market. These kind people provided one of their models, the Jetpack, for me to take out on my photographic adventures. I wanted to put this bag through the ringer and see how it held up in real world outings.

For the last few months I have taken the Jetpack everywhere. We've spent many hours in the desert bonding together.

We've hunted for wildlife shots together.

And we've even spent lots of quality time take pictures around the house. You could say that me and the Jetpack have become BFFs.

Allow me to take you on a personal tour of this camera bag and I'll show you why I love it so much. There will be drinks and light refreshments at the end.

First of all, this pack is comfortable. In college, one of the courses I took was about ergonomics. ("Ergonomics": a fancy, slightly nerdy word meaning that you're making something more useful, efficient, and comfortable.) I'm sorry to go all English literature on you. I'm just saying, this bag fits your body and the construction makes sense. Take, for example, the shape of the straps and the padded back:

The best part of the Jetpack is the wide variety of pockets. There is space to hold anything you could ask for. There are so many pockets that I've officially designated one The Butterfinger Pocket. Inside the main compartment there is room for a camera, a few lenses, memory cards, and even a designated slot for a laptop or iPad.

There is another smaller compartment on the outside with more room for memory cards, pens, notepads, a phone, and just in case you need it, there is room for more Butterfingers.

Every part of the camera bag is well thought out and useful. Even the sides of the pack are handy with compartments to hold water bottles, and Bungees that could hold a small tripod or trekking poles.

For me the thing that stood out with the Jetpack compared to other camera bags I've owned is the quality construction and materials. The materials are sturdy and built to last. Clik obviously wanted to make the best quality product possible.

I think if you only keep your camera around the house to take those obligatory family pictures when Aunt Marge is in town, this is probably more bag than you need. Although if your camera sees the light of day, or if you have a few lenses, or if you want a comfortable way to carry your camera when you're out and about, I highly recommend the Jetpack. This will be the last bag you'll need for a long, long time.

If you want more info on the Jetpack bag, click HERE. Or to visit the Clik Elite website and check out their other camera equipment. Enjoy!


  1. What a sweet pack! I really like all the options it has. Way to use it to bring us fantastic pictures!

  2. I just love your photos! When are you going to release a coffee table book?

  3. Really great pack! I'm always looking for something like that. Beautiful photos!