Monday, July 1, 2013

Melting and Molly's Nipple

At the moment I'm digging not having any races coming up in the near future. I love the incentive that an upcoming race provides, but right now it's nice having a little break. This week I ran a 3 miler, 4 miler, 8 miler, and 12 miler.

The three miler was a speed workout. The 4 miler was a jaunt around the neighborhood with my lovely wife Mel.

Mel did something crazy. She did something I thought she would never do. She registered for the St. George Marathon! I have run the St. George Marathon with her twice and they were both miserable experiences for her. The first time she stepped in human poo at the starting line....and it just got worse from there. The second time she had knee pain that brought her to tears. This year will be better. I'll bet you glazed donut. I'm excited to run the marathon with her again this year.

The 8 miler was with Mel also. It was approximately 472 degrees outside. You think I'm joking. Running in this heat was muy loco which is Spanish for "Too hot to be running."

On Saturday morning I ran 12 miles to the top of Molly's Nipple. There was a haze in the sky from a fire that made for a pretty sweet sunrise.

Even before the sun came up it felt like I was running in a sauna. The high temps in our area have been around 113-115 so even in the morning it is sweltering. Still, nowhere I'd rather be. That

I can't count how many times I've done this run, and I love it every single time. There is a fun mix of runnable dirt road, flat stuff, hills, climbing, technical spots, and a steep climb up to the summit.

I found evidence that there was a wild animal out there that eats skinny, wiry animals that had absolutely no muscles. That describes me perfectly. I was petrified.

For the first time ever on a trail run - I made me some cold hard cash! In this remote section I came across $1.30 AND a stretch penny from Virginia. BOOM!

Making some dough calls for a celebratory jump.

After a final steep scramble you get rewarded with an awesome view that feels like you can see forever.

Somewhere out there is my house.

And so it goes. The heat wave continues in our beautiful southern Utah. Plenty more muy loco running. Melt on my friends!


  1. Cory-I appreciate so much more how you train in those blazing temperatures now. I just finished running the Top of Zion relay during this heat wave. It was 110 during my first leg and Bart's also. It melted the bottom of his Hokas! No bueno! Hopefully we'll see you and Mel at SGM.

  2. Nothing like getting paid to run, right? What a score! Way to go, Mel, for signing up for a race that you've had a hard time with twice. Good for you!

  3. Awesome pictures Cory! I'm glad to hear you guys are surviving. Yay for Mel...that is so exciting!

  4. What's crazy about registering for a marathon? And that coming from one who does marathons as training runs for ultras. Well, if your wife's crazy then I must be too. And I think our marathons are around the same time.

  5. Those sunset pictures are incredible!

    St. George isn't my favorite marathon either, but I'm sure the third time is a charm! That's my problem, I've only done it twice!

  6. Very cool you get to run another marathon with Mel! Third time is a charm.

    Beautiful pics on your run. Looks peaceful.

  7. Holy crap, 113 degrees? I don't know how you do it. One of the luxuries of living at altitude is that is cools down at night and if I can get my butt up early enough, I can get in a run before it turns 75 - which is my melting point. I guess I'm a bit spoiled....but dang, you have some great scenery (as always!).

    Excellent news that Mel isn't letting StG's past keep her away....3rd time's the charm for a perfect race! :)

  8. Ouch, that is hot! Having said that, we are experiencing a very warm winter here in Johannesburg.Feels like spring every day and we are walking around in short sleeves.