Friday, June 7, 2013

Running A 50k Next Week - Join Me!

I'm excited for an impromptu race next Saturday June 15th in Draper, Utah: the Corner Canyon 50k! I will be there 1) giving hugs, 2) blessing babies, and 3) signing books. Keep in mind, I haven't even written a book so bring your own and I'll be happy to sign them. (Preferably not the Bible, because that would just be really weird.) Heck, I'll run the race too.

I ran the race last year (they have a 25k option too) and it was a blast. First of all, the course is beautiful.

The race director, Johnny Runner is an amazing cancer fighter and ultrarunner. Last year he was out running despite having a chemotherapy port in his chest! Talking with him afterward was without a doubt the highlight of my race.

Some cool bling at the end never hurts either.

This year, race proceeds will benefit cancer fighter Amanda Dorais. I visited her Facebook page Fighting With Amanda and left inspired and amazed. Pure. Inspiration.

If you want, you can read my race report from last year to see how much fun the race is. And if you want to join me at an awesome impromptu race, visit the Corner Canyon Ultra Trail Run website and register. I'll see you there. Bring your hugs, babies, and books.


  1. Have you ever just run a 5k? Or even a 10k?

    1. I've run a few 5ks and a 10k - those races hurt! My legs aren't built to run really fast for 3-6 miles.

  2. I am headed up for the 25k. Maybe I will see you there. If not have a great time.