Monday, July 15, 2013

I've Got Something To Brag About

I've got something to brag about. No, not that time at work when I almost, BUT DIDN'T pass out during our annual blood draws. No, not that time when I nearly died of heat stroke while running a half marathon dressed as Nacho Libre.

I had two runs this past week that were worthy of bragging. They both followed the same pattern:

1) Eat a large dinner. Don't stop eating when you're full. Stop eating when you hate yourself.
2) Top that off with a cookie.
3) As soon as you finish your gluttony, strap on the running shoes.
4) Make sure it is 102 degrees outside. No more. No less.
5) I dare you to try and keep that chicken teriyaki in your stomach when it is begging to come out. Good luck with that my friend.

This week I did that! And didn't throw up! I know, I'll wait a minute for the applause to die down. Spoiler alert: running doesn't get more miserable than this. It's good training though. During an ultra you feel extremely blessed if you're only feeling this crappy. I felt like I was going to melt. Not dying is what I have to brag about.

I got in 48 miles of running this past week - a 4, 5, 5, 6, 8, and 20 miler. The 20 miler on Saturday was a jaunt around the bottom of the Little Creek Mesa area. I had fun exploring some new places I had never been before.

There was some flash flooding the day before which made some sections a bit soggy. Usually this river bed is dry as a bone but on Saturday it was flowing with brown mud that looked like a river of melted chocolate.

It was another sweltering run. When I finished it was 88 degrees. I probably should have packed a little more water. I was starting to run low so I had to conserve. Combined with the hot running I was feeling slightly no bueno by the end. Plenty of fun was still had.

On a side note, I got the July issue of UltraRunning Magazine in the mail and saw that they printed a few of my pictures! They ran a few from the Buffalo Run 100 miler. It's cool to be involved in a big publication like this. Running 100 miles may not be the easiest way to get pictures in a magazine.


  1. That is worth a brag! I've only made any form of publication by running and suffering for many hours.

  2. I thought that picture of the red mud was fake until you explained it! Crazy! It looks awesome.

    There is nothing worse than running on a full stomach or knowing you only have so much water and more running left on your plate. That's when I pretend I'm Bear Grylls and conserving water because I'm stranded. I either have a very active imagination or I'm good at hallucinating.

    Congratulations on getting your photos in the magazine again! You're well on your way in your plan to take over the world! (I just assume that everyone has that plan.)

  3. Congratulations on keeping that dinner down - definitely brag-worthy. Oh, and getting your photos published that was pretty good too.

  4. Congrats on the magazine pics! That' awesome! You've had a couple published now haven't you. I think that's super cool. That mud water picture is really cool...really really cool.

    In other news....HAVE YOU HEARD????? Twinkies are back! They've arrived in Kansas City..they've been all over the news, couldn't help but think of you.

  5. Congrats on keeping a big meal down. Next up, eat that much Taco Bell and do it again :-).

    Cool picture of the mud river! At first I thought you used a program to change all the blue pixels to orangish brown.

  6. Awesome to have your photos published! I was so happy when my copy of Ultrarunning came, just so I could see my name. lol Not dying while running in 102* is absolutely brag worthy!

  7. Super cool about the magazine gig; it's a win-win for you since you somehow (I'm not sure how) love to run 100s. I will have to pic up the mag so I can say, "His family gave me some rocks!"

    In addition to "I don't know how you run 100s", I also don't know how you run in the heat. Run after a smorgabord inhale session. And not barf. That deserves a medal in of its own. Well done!!

    And just a side note: thanks for being such an inspiration - always - to me. I can't tell you how many times I thought about Zion and the perseverance of runners I saw when I was near death in Leadville - you top of that list.

  8. Brag away! All of that is awesome! Good running...not upchucking...getting your pictures in magazines. Way to be, Cory!