Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nipple's On Fire

Saturday night I ran a 10 miler to the top of Molly's Nipple. I am not a fan of trail running at night. ("Not a fan of" is code word for "hate".) It's something I need to get better at. I started running right in time to witness a stupendously amazing sunset.

It was crazy, crazy windy and there were some storm clouds on the horizon which thankfully brought the temperature under 100.

I kept thinking over and over how lucky I was to be surrounded by this beauty. I am spoiled that this wilderness is only 15 minutes away from my house. I am at home in the desert.
I was hoping to at least get to the top of Molly's Nipple before it got dark but daylight was fading fast. (Maybe because the light was so great that I had to keep stopping to take pictures.) And then the sky really lit up. It looked like it caught on fire.
Not too difficult to tell how Molly's Nipple got it's name.

Only one sign of wildlife the whole time:

I reached the top and saw the lights of my town below. It was cool to think that one of those little pinpricks of light was my house:

I called my wife while I was up at the top. I told her to go outside and see if she could see my light. She could, and told the kids to come outside too. I could hear them yelling in the background. She said they were excited to see my light at the top and wanted me to hear them yelling. Very cool that I could be ten miles away from them in the middle of my run and still be able to have my family see me. I will definitely do this night run again.


  1. Wow! Incredible photos! So many of us runners appreciate the beauty around us, but fail to capture it to share with the world. And you manage to do that.

    Love the jump shot! You need to do a post with your top 10 jump shots (if you can narrow it down) in it!

  2. I like running at night if I have someone with me, but definitely not by myself. For some reason I can run just fine early in the morning by myself when it's still dark...but after real dark, not so much.

    Gorgeous pics as always! You should be the home page of the State of Utah.

  3. Really awesome! I enjoy trails at night. It might be something to do with the African bush that I love so much. A night run has something special and a feel that I can't get in any other way.

  4. Seriously amazing photos! I love running at night but never do it.

  5. So fun that they could see you! I *love* night time trail runs! They're so mysterious! :)