Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Super Moon Pictures

Remember when there was a super moon about a week ago? A super moon is the time of year when the full moon passes closest to the earth. Do you know what a super moon means? Right. Time to grab the camera.

I decided to set up shop near Zion National Park in hopes of shooting the moon rising over Gooseberry Mesa. My brother in law Matt and my son Jackson came along to take pictures. Not bad surroundings to hang out while we waited for the moon.

Finally a glow started to rise behind the mountain and we got to work.

After getting a little higher in the sky:

Forgive me for Photoshopping an ET style jumping picture.


  1. LOVE the jumping picture! Excellent.

    I'm always so impressed by your photographs. Beautiful.

  2. Love it! That last picture is epic.

  3. Loved it! It didn't seem that crazy big when I saw it, but your pictures make it look massive. I guess it puts how small we really are in perspective...and God still knows how many hairs are on my head!!! Craziness!

  4. Your photos look way better than my iPhone ones.

  5. Super cool!!

    The mention of "Zion" brought back memories... :)

  6. Really awesome!! We missed the Super Moon...I was bummed. Great pics as usual.

  7. I think I saw you jumping in front of the moon when I looked for the super moon! lol great pics!