Friday, August 2, 2013

Running Through Two States

On Monday night I had a few free hours. I considered the Judge Judy marathon on TV. (Or not.) Instead of TV I grabbed the running shoes and headed to the trails. Warner Valley to be exact. This is a long, desolate route that eventually will take you to the Grand Canyon.

With a late start, I packed my head lamp knowing that more of the run would be in the dark than in the light. This was my first run in a new pair of shoes so I tested their jumping ability. I need to get better at this jump so it can look like a true yoga pose. (Total hours I've spent in my life doing yoga = 0.)

The temperature outside felt like I was trapped inside an Easy Bake Oven. As miserable as that is, I can use the heat training. I really love that feeling of being out in the absolute middle of nowhere knowing there isn't another human being as far as the eye can see. It was a beautiful night in the desert.

I've done some research and figured out that after 6.5 miles you cross into Arizona. But out on the trail there is sign or marker saying that you've crossed from Utah to Arizona. So I made my own state line. Dear Bureau of Land Management: You're welcome.

It got dark on my way back to the car (I did 14 miles total). Just me and the light of my head lamp. And then all the sudden something whizzed right past my face. I think it was a bat that saw my light. It caught me off guard. It. Scared. The. Stuffing. Out. Of. Me. I made this little yelp that a grown man shouldn't make. I was so thankful nobody witnessed that spectacle. Otherwise they would make fun of me for the rest of time. I finished the run in the best way possible: purchase the biggest Coke Slurpee money can buy. Twas a beautiful night in the desert.


  1. Wow! You just saved the taxpayers so much money by making that sign for us! The world, or at least America, thanks you.

    I love the yoga jumping pictures. They are amazing.

  2. Getting buzzed by a UFO - that's one exciting run. Did you finish the run singing Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell?

  3. That yoga pose jump is fantastic. Nice job!!

  4. at least the animal that scared the stuffing out of you was an actual animal, not an inanimate object. yeah, I got scared stiff by a tree once lol