Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Next 100 Miler - You're Better Than You Think

Last year I dressed up like a clown, ran 78 miles, and got my butt royally kicked at the Javelina Jundred. You can read about that humbling disgrace HERE. As I laid on the ground in pain whimpering like a baby after not finishing the race, I vowed not to return. And yet that race is so fun. I couldn't help myself. I signed up for the race again coming up in October!

I ran the Corner Canyon 50k with my friend Catherine. She is a fellow social worker that I work with. That race was her first ultra and she was hooked. She will be running Javelina as her first 100. This. Is. Awesome.

My scrawny chicken legs carried me 51 miles last week. (With muscles as enormous as mine, it's safe to assume that nobody has ever accused me of using steroids or performance enhancing drugs.)

Monday, July 22nd: 8 miles early before work.
Tuesday, July 23rd: 5 miles speedwork.
Wednesday, July 24th: Pioneer Day 5k with the fam.
Thursday, July 25th: 10 miles way too early before work.
Friday, July 26th: 5 miles, legs were very slug-like.
Saturday, July 27th: 20 miles.

Here are a few highlights from the week:

On Monday I was joined by my friends Shane and Karrie on a jaunt through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Hot, muggy, and beautiful.

Tuesday night I went out shooting a lightning storm. It was right overhead so I watched most of the show from my car. I wasn't in the mood to play with electricity. But I did get a few pictures:

Wednesday was the Pioneer Day 5k. Pioneer Day is a holiday in Utah. It celebrates the pioneers who settled our state. (This is code for: an excuse to take the day off from work, go to a parade, have a barbecue, and watch fireworks.) Our whole family ran the 5k race in the morning. I decided I ought to dress up like a pioneer to run the race. (Lesson learned: It's hard to run in jeans.) My partner was my youngest daughter Kylee:

Kylee was amazing. She has a stride that looks like a real runner. (Unlike her father.) After about a mile she looked up and with an unconcerned look said "Dad, I can't feel my legs. Can you?"

We were the first ones in our family to make it to the finish line so I was able to take a picture of the other kids finishing. Jackson came in next. I never said one word about it, but it was a proud moment when he jumped across the finish line:

And then Danica approached the finish line. And with absolutely no prompting....she jumped too!

We had a great time. And I'm pretty sure that I won't run in jeans again for at least 365 more days.

That night we played with sparklers. What do you get when you add sparklers, three kids, and an open shutter on your camera?

Friday night a huge storm rolled through our area. I went out searching for lightning but didn't get any pictures. Instead I witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets I've seen in ages. The clouds looked like they had been painted across the sky with oil colors.

Saturday's 20 miler started as a group run. I ran the first 11 miles with Shane, Karrie, and Mel:

I was anxious to run on some dirt after that and went near Gould's Rim. A torrential rain storm the night before left the roads and trails soaked. And exceptionally muddy. It was like running in brown Crisco.

It also left some cool puddles that reflected the sky.

I don't know about this whole 100 mile business. I think it is impossible for your legs carry you 100 miles. I've run 100 milers. And I still think it's impossible. I often remind myself of Leadville 100's race director Ken Chlouber who said "You're better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can!"


  1. Looks like a super fun week! Love all the photos. What kind of camera do you run with?

  2. You always have the best pictures! I have never tried running in jeans...

  3. Your family is terrific :) I love that they jumped at the finish line and you all did the race as a family. Cool.

    LOL at "I can't feel my legs can you". Love it.

    Did Pioneers wear jeans that I'm unaware of??? Ha!

    You'll rock the 100 this year! Totally.

    Great pics as usual. I'm always in awe.

  4. Extra amazing pictures this week! Incredible!

    I love that your kids jumped across the finish line! It's like it's ingrained in them that it's just what you do! Excellent.

    That mud looks tough to run in! At least if it's brown crisco you can pretend it's chocolate crisco and eat it when you need a snack! Also, I can't think of crisco without thinking of the book/movie The Help.

  5. So much fun to run with all your family. And they all jumped? Must be a congenital abnormality.

  6. Your blog needs to be called "crazy cory." Because you are. I'm still just running half marathons. :)

  7. Awesome 5k for all of you, well done! I think Jeans are probably the worst to run in. Even running in a business suite is more comfortable. I'm sure this year you will be fine at Javelina.