Monday, August 19, 2013

The Most Valuable Part Of Last Week's Training

Last week my body said "Hey Cory, you should take a rest week this week. It will be awesome. You can sleep later than 5am. By the way, have you noticed that your hair is getting a little should I say this.....grey? And remember when the Boot Scootin' Boogie was popular? Ahhh, the good old days."

Monday, August 12th 2013: 4 miles speed.
Tuesday, August 13th 2013: 4 miles early, 10 miles at night.
Wednesday, August 14th 2013: Nothing.
Thursday, August 15th 2013: See Wednesday.
Friday, August 16th 2013: 5 miles.
Saturday, August 17th 2013: 17 miles.

On Tuesday night I went out for some night trail running. On an enjoyment scale of 1 through 10, this run was -16. I felt sleepy and my legs felt like pizza dough. When I finished ten miles it was nearly midnight. Seeing nothing but the moon and a few feet of trail in front of me makes me tired. Here was my view for a few hours:

Despite being less than enjoyable, I gained something very valuable from the run. It came from a podcast I listened to by Trail Runner Nation about race strategy. There were lots of tips that apply to marathons, triathlons, ultras...whatever. Do yourself a favor and check it out HERE. It will change the way you think about racing.

On Saturday I ran 17 miles with Mel, Karrie, and Shane. It was a toasty 85 degrees when we STARTED running. No bueno.

Mel wasn't feeling great so she headed back early. All the while the temperature kept climbing. Once the sun came up I swear you could smell burning flesh. At the precise moment when we decided we'd succumb to heat stroke and let the vultures eat our carcasses, Karrie had a brilliant idea: stop at the upcoming 7-11 gas station for Cokes. It didn't take much to convince us. The gas station also has a walk in beer cooler which we took advantage of to cool off for a few minutes. Pure, pure heaven.

One thing I am super excited about - I will be running the Mid Mountain Marathon in Park City coming up on September 7th! I have run 50k, 50 mile, 100k, and 100 mile races on a trail but never a trail marathon. I can't wait. I'd love to see some of you Utah peeps there. Let me know if you're running that one.


  1. 85 degrees at the start sounds awful! Pity you couldn't just do laps in that beer fridge. It might have been a little boring but at least you would have stayed cool.

  2. I think I'm due for a little slow down week as well. Sometimes it's hard to listen when my body talks! I'll be running Mid Mountain too! I'll look for you :)

  3. I have ran Mid Mountain Marathon 3 times and it is my very favorite trail course . I am sure you will love it and do very well . If you have spare energy on Friday evening (9/6) come by the Wasatch 100 course and say hi ! Or bring me a Cola Slurpee (I prefer large) I alway enjoy reading your posts .
    Take care !
    Danny Widerburg

  4. Night running on the trails is awesome! You need to listen to the sounds around you if you run at night over here :)