Friday, October 11, 2013

Awesome Articles For Training And Racing

Wow, there is some really great info on the web right now about training and racing. Here are some links to some amazingly informative articles:

Your Ultra-Training Bag of Tricks - Unbonk!

How To Be An Ultra Pacer - Make sure to read Part 2 and Part 3 also. It's highly sassy, highly sarcastic, and highly funny.

Running......My Mouth! - I had felt a little silly wearing a belt buckle that I earned by running 100 miles. My buckles are at home collecting dust. My feelings changed a bit after reading this funny article.

Baker's Dozen Half Marathon - This sounds like such a fun race! I think I will run it! (Or be the race director for it.)

The funniest video I've seen in ages. It's actually a voice mail after a car accident. I sobbed with laughter. Guaranteed to be the best three minutes of your day right here.

The Definitive Explanation of a Race DNF (Did Not Finish) - Wow, this should be required reading for anyone before an ultra race. It delves into the enormously important mental side of running.

What Is Ultra - Very funny and very true.

Please, I beg of you, check each of these out. You'll get your share of laughs and be more prepared for your next race. Enjoy!


  1. I have read "Running...My mouth" before , and I have to admit , before I was kind of bashful about wearing my buckles . I let my 1st Zion 100 collect dust , gave my 2nd Zion 100 to my Dad . After reading the article , 2 weeks before Wasatch 100 , I made a decision to rock my buckles and I don't feel bad about it . I have not yet burnt down a KFC yet though.
    Danny Widerburg