Monday, October 14, 2013

EXCITING NEWS - My Next 100 Miler!

Holy Moses, the Javelina Jundred is coming up in twelve days. I am super scared and super excited. If the stars align and everything goes as hoped, this will be my fifth 100 mile finish.

I have something else I am super seriously excited to announce - I am officially signed up to run my next 100 miler coming up February 15, 2014: The Jackpot Ultra Running Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada!

I am so psyched for this race for a bunch of reasons:

1) The race is put on by Beyond Limits Ultra Running. These guys have an amazing reputation for putting on an awesome race. They are known for great aid stations, a fun atmosphere, cool swag, and huge awards.

2) The course is a 2 mile loop through this 100 acre Cornerstone Park. I LOVE trail races. But this sounds so fun to have a relatively flat course where you can just focus on running. I am intrigued to see what it will be like to run 100 miles without distractions like climbing 1,500 feet in less than a mile going up a mesa. This loop is about half crushed gravel and half asphalt trail (pulled these pictures from their website).

3) No stressing about a bunch of drop bags. You're passing an aid station every two miles. No hydration pack. This thrills me.

4) Loops are fun! Granted, I've never done a short loop course for 100 miles. I have heard these are a big mental challenge but I like challenges. Remember when we did that 1 mile loop Hostess fun run a few months ago? It feels like a fun party atmosphere with all the social interaction that I love with running.

I have wanted to do a loop race like this for a long time but there hasn't been one anywhere nearby. I even thought about organizing my own. So when this innagural race popped up I was so happy. I think it's going to be a blast. I can't wait until February. In addition to the 100 mile race there is also a 6 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour race. (The cutoff for the 100 miler is 30 hours.)

Weekend in Vegas + Running + Friends + Big Bling = AWESOME. You can get more info about the race HERE. I'd love to spend some miles with some of you peeps!


  1. It will be interesting to see how not having major hills changes your mental game. For some reason when there are hills you more easily accept the suffering because you expect it, you don't expect it as much on flat and so for me it's harder to deal with because for some reason it's more of a surprise when it happens.

    Of course I'm running much shorter distances than you are so maybe I'm just a mental wuss all around!

  2. That's going to be quite the change for you and your scenic training terrain; but what's life without some different challenges now and then?!?!

    If you need a pacer, holler!!

  3. Having run a 1/4 mile track (indoor) for 5 hours straight , while listening to The Top 100 songs of 2009 , round and round can be quite a challenge . I had a blast , I would assume you will do very well with this sort of race . I have to admit , I am curious about signing up .
    Have a great day !
    Danny Widerburg

  4. Sounds like a challenge right up your alley!

  5. You make it almost sound like it'd be fun.

  6. You make me jealous! I would so love to do Javelina! And then...loops! That is one of my favorite types of races! I've done 3 x 6 day races on 1km loops and 5 x 24 hour on the same. Love it! You have reason to be excited!

  7. That race sounds awesome! I agree, how nice to just focus on running the 100 miles as if that wasn't difficult enough...the climbing, etc...I don't know how you do it!

  8. I've never done a short loop race. But, sounds like you love the party loop! Very cool! You've got Javelina! Enjoy!

  9. I agree with a previous commenter- you somehow make running in a loop for hours and hours sound like an amazingly funtastic time :).