Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Have A Favor To Ask Of You

I have a favor to ask of you. A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how trail running is like meatloaf. (Mmmmm, delicious.) That article is now a finalist in a contest to win a Scott Jurek hydration vest at

I was wondering if you'd go check out the entries and if you like mine, give a vote for #3. Head over now because the contest ends in a few days and the tally is pretty close.

In exchange for your kindness I will provide you with a free hug and one selection from my boondoggle keychain collection. CLICK HERE to vote. Thanks so much!!


  1. Good luck, Cory! I hope you win!

  2. not sure that I should even tell you this, but after reading all 3 stories, I actually ended up voting for #2 - just thought that it was a good story. Your article was good too - if I had to rank them I would go #2, #3, #1

    1. That's REALLY rude if you ask me! I thought yours was by far the best Cory!