Friday, October 4, 2013

Running A Double Marathon - What's The Worst That Could Happen?

All systems are go for running a double St. George Marathon this weekend. My brain keeps trying to chicken out but I think I'd regret it if I didn't give it a try.

My plan is to start running at the finish line at around midnight tonight. That will give me more than six hours to run up to the starting line. I assume that will be plenty of time to run the 26.2 miles to the top. With the reverse route being such an enormous climb I don't really know what to expect and I'd rather give myself too much time than not enough.

I'm going to set water, some baggies of Tailwind, and a few snacks at two points along the course to restock on my way up to the starting line. I hope my supplies are still there when I get to them. If you see a coyote running around with big glassy eyes on a sugar high, you'll know he got into my loot of Swedish Fish.

Forecast for temperature at the starting line (and toward the end of the first marathon): 29 degrees. I hope at the start line they have hot coffee. To bathe in. Eventually the sun will come up and we'll be whining that we're roasting like hot dogs that have been sitting on the little rollers at 7-11 for nineteen hours. At least the views will be awesome.

When I start to freak out about this adventure I just have to remind myself: "What's the worst that could happen?" Maybe barf orange Gatorade all over my shoes?" I can live with that.

During my first marathon ever my legs cramped up so bad that I prayed for a visit from the angel of death. A guy rubbed Icy Hot on my calves and it felt like he was rubbing them with hot curling irons. But that's okay. Here is an actual picture from that curling iron massage.

The absolute worst case scenario would be to die and have a bunch of hungry vultures around me clogging up the marathon course. The good news is that there is a funeral home right along the route.

I'm nervous and excited to see how things go. Dear St. George Marathon: me and you have a date. Tonight!

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  1. I love your running adventures. That is all :)

  2. You will own it! Have fun!!! Can't wait for the race report & pix! :D And, I hope you don't puke on your shoes! (I loved the signs at St G last year!!!)

  3. Good Luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. Hands down my favorite marathon sign ever is the look alive one. So funny.

    Good luck on your adventure! I hope you accomplish it! You rock!

  5. Awesome! I'll see ya when you pass me on your way down.

  6. I don't think dying would be the worst thing to happen. I think it's be worse to be almost dead but still get a visit from the vultures who are not so good at being able to judge if someone still has a pulse and have the vultures peck out your eyes and intestines while you can still feel it. I think I've been watching too much Game Of Thrones.

    BTW - good luck!

  7. You may be a bit crazy! Good Luck and enjoy your the look alive sign..that would put a little pep in my step :)

  8. I know you survived, can't wait to hear about it!

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