Friday, January 3, 2014

Waterfall In The Desert and Something Amazing

Last Saturday I ran to Toquerville Falls. I had run 50 miles on the middle school track already for the week and I wanted, no, NEEDED to get out on a trail.

The route is an old dirt road that is absurdly rocky and technical. And it is straight up or straight down for the entire 11 mile round trip. You run and run and then out in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the desert is this amazing miniature Niagara Falls! (Minus the tourists and $9.99 key chains.) Even when I've run there in the middle of summer the falls are still flowing.

I stayed there long enough to take about three pictures before heading back. I knew it would be getting dark soon and wanted to cover as much ground as I could before the sun went down.

To whoever planted that haunted house tree to scare runners at night....not cool....not cool. May you be forced to listen to an eternity of Michael Bolton music.

Some clouds had been covering the sun the whole time. But then all of the sudden this window opened up in the clouds and illuminated Gooseberry Mesa in the distance. I stopped and stood there in awe.

The whole experience was completely amazing. I thought about how lucky I was to be the only person in the entire world watching this incredible sunset from this perfect viewing area. I stood there watching for a few minutes until the sun went down and the view was gone.

I got to enjoy the last few miles back to my car with this view. It was like running through a field of Enya.

One of the things I love about trail running is that every run is an adventure. (Okay, one of the other things I love about running is that I feel a little more justified eating a fat cinnamon roll.)


  1. That looks like a gorgeous run!

  2. Phenomenal Run and views! Enya huh? But no Celine? My sons love her and even travel all the way to Vegas to see her in concert. That may be what's happening in February as well when we're there for Jackpot 100. (not me of course)

  3. That waterfall is really beautiful!!

  4. You really get to run in some beautiful country. Blessed.

  5. I really get why you run where you run. It just fills your soul! It's your house of worship and it's amazing!

  6. Love Toquerville falls! One of my favorite places!