Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two HUNDRED Laps At The Track!!

I thought I'd change up my training a bit last week. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing trails and amazing scenery. I am often more focused on enjoying the scenery and taking pictures than I am with running.....and my pace shows it.

So I decided I would have a week where I really focused on running. Plus I needed to do some race-specific training for the upcoming Jackpot Ultra Running Festival on February 15th. It is a 100 mile race on a two mile track. I'm super excited to try a race like this for the first time.

So on Christmas Eve I woke up really early and went over to the middle school track. The greatest thing about the track: IT'S DIRT. My plan was to just run and run for a few hours. It was surprisingly unhorrible!

It was kind of nice to not have to carry a hydration pack. I could just set some treats and my Tailwind bottles right on the side of the track and everything was always accessible.

I got in 17 miles on this 1/4 mile track!

This was such a good way to train to keep a steady, solid pace that I went back again two days later on December 26th. Mel came over and joined in for a few miles. She brought our enormous black Brillo Pad dog Aunt Jackie over too. (Aunt Jackie is a boy.)

I felt so bad for Aunt Jackie. He was clearly not having any fun.

That day I ran.....wait for it.......wait for it.......20 miles! I heard from longtime UltraRunning Magazine publisher John Medinger after finishing up. Always good for a laugh he said "Oops. A track is 400 meters. A mile is 1609.34 meters. You owe us another 0.12 miles dude!" We decided to try a new jumping picture - me jumping OVER Mel:

The next day, December 27th I went back AGAIN. I wasn't loving that quarter mile track quite as much anymore. I am seriously angry at whoever secretly shot me with a rhinoceros tranquilizer before that run. My legs felt like sludge the entire time while I got in another 13 miles. And what better way to celebrate the completion of a healthy long run than by promptly driving to the grocery store and buying a few rings of fried lard bathed in a coating of liquid sugar?!?

That put me at 50 miles on that track for the week. 50 miles = 200 LAPS. I ran another 11 miles on Saturday but couldn't bear the thought of doing another step (let alone 0.12 miles John!) at the track. Saturday's run was an amazing experience that I'll save for another day.

So after 200 laps will I be going back to the middle school track again? Definitely. When Hell freezes over. (The mornings have been very brisk lately so this could happen as early as next week.)


  1. That's a lot of running on a track. A dirt one would be a little less terrible, but I'm seriously impressed that you could stick it out for that many miles in one place. And your poor dog...clearly hated the day. Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  2. Ha! That's not much better than the dang treadmill. :) I can't wait until my track has all the snow and ice off of it!!
    Great running!!!!

  3. I live right next to a school and there's a nice grass oval I can run around and yet I never choose to. Why? Because I'm already crazy enough and running round in circles for hours would put me in a nice white jacket. I don't know how you do it!!

  4. Wow, that is some serious mental toughness? Did you change direction every so many laps so you wouldn't develop a permanent list?

  5. Dude, you are nuts. But in a good way! :)

    I actually love the track as I spent so much of my college days there...but 20 miles, um, no.

    Happy New Year, my friend. Hope our paths cross soon (what's your race calendar for this year???)