Monday, March 31, 2014

I Went On A SMOKING HOT First Date

This is going to come as a shock to you considering:
1) My charming Justin Timberlake-like personality
2) My Will Smith-like charisma
3) My Arnold Schwarzenegger-like muscles

But.......I'm not quite the womanizer you might think.

Okay, we're all adults. Let's be honest with each other. I
1) Have the physique of Kermit the Frog
2) Have a pasty white complexion like chalk
3) Have the nerdy personality of Urkel. (Did I do thaaaat?)

Needless to say, I've only been on a few first dates in my life. Thankfully one of those suckers agreed to marry me. But on Saturday I went on another First Date. It was a running date with some other trail runners. These are some other local runners: Tiana, Jen, Kim, and Jesse. Oh, and some nerdy white boy that looks like Kermit the Frog.

First trail dates can be nerve wracking. "Am I going to get that crusty salt around my nose and not realize it?" "Are we going to come across a rattle snake and I will involuntarily scream like a girl?" "Is someone going to accidentally let out a little trail toot?" (Don't worry, if that happens when you're running with me I'll just ignore it.) 

We met together to run the Prospector and Church Rocks trails. These are a few of my favorites. We were treated to an awesome sunrise.

All sarcasm aside, I actually do get nervous sometimes to run with others because I worry that I won't be able to keep up. Things were fine on this run though. I got a kick out of hearing about Jesse running his first 50 miler lately.

We did in fact come across a rattle snake. Fortunately for the rest of the group they didn't get to hear my involuntary girl scream because the snake was dead.

I was so, so thankful to even be out running. My legs have recovered very quickly from the 100 mile race last weekend. This has probably been the quickest recovery I've had. That makes me happy. 

I decided that I'd run 9 miles. They were going a bit farther so I turned around and headed back on my own after a quick picture.

Some recent rain in the area has made the wildflowers burst with color. They were huge and just beautiful.

Here is a wider angle view of some of the trail. If you look closely you can seen some mountain bikers down below.

It seemed appropriate to wrap up the little shindig with a jump.

I have a hunch I'll be going out on a second date with these guys again soon. 


  1. "I don't always run with others, but when I do, it's epic! " pretty dang sweet.

  2. Looks like a great first date, even if you did skip out early.

  3. Is that Jen Stephen? I totally know her! Small world.

  4. I don't think you're supposed to leave early from a first date :p Looks like fun!

  5. Hard not to chuckle about the involuntary trail toot....

    The wildflowers are beautiful! I bet that was an awesome run. Way to recover!

  6. Sounds like the perfect first date. Nice to know that if I ever run with you all my windy ways will be forgiven.

  7. Leave them wanting more by leaving early - nice touch

  8. How do you jump so high?? My feet barely leave the ground! Glad your first date went don't want to be out running and get that uncomfortable feeling because you didn't call and you see them on the trail :)

  9. Yes,i couldn't have asked for a better Saturday morning date, the weather was great, the scenery lovely, the crowd was good the only bad thing,my shoes gave me a big ol blistet-not cool. Looking forward to many more first dates!!!

  10. It was a great first date! Looking forward to many more.

  11. You are HILARIOUS! And seriously, do you have a 3 foot plyo-box in your bedroom to practice such high jumps. Amazing, man.

  12. Ok, for a guy who lives in a relatively small town, with relatively small towns surrounding, you sure manage to run with a LOT of people. I am super jealous!! Glad you had a great time and are healing up fast and ready for Zion. Wish I could be there to see you again! Maybe next year! GOOD LUCK on that Flying Monkey!!! ;)

  13. Great first date! I'm also nervous on 1st runs with others. Somehow they always think I'm invincible. I must admit I prefer solo runs.

  14. So funny. Running with people for the first time is always a little intimidating. Glad to hear you are recovered. I think I must come do an ultra in your area. It is just so beautiful I must see it first hand!

  15. Just love reading about your running adventures. The places you get to run are gorgeous!