Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spontaneous Race - Zion 100 in TWO DAYS!!!

After I finished the Buffalo Run 100 miler two weeks ago I planned to be lazy, sit on my couch long enough that there was a butt imprint, eat Hostess crumb donuts, and watch Judge Judy reruns until my eyes bled. Heck. After running 100 miles you deserve to be a couch potato and not leave your hizouse (old people - that is hip hop slang for "house") for a few weeks. Right? Right?!??

Unfortunately real life prevents Hostess, butt imprints, and Judge Judy. I have a family and a job peeps! No Judge for me. But in getting back into the swing of real life after the race, I was feeling good. Like GOOD! And then a few days ago this thought, this crazy, unexpected thought popped into my brain:

"Hey, maybe you should run the Zion 100 next week."

For months I've had no intention to run Zion. I committed months ago to help my friends finish their first 100 at the Buffalo Run and I didn't think I'd be near recovered for Zion two weeks later. But I am!

I LOVE the Zion 100. (And it also scares me to death because it's crazy hard.) I ran it the first year. Then I ran it the second year. It is literally in my back yard. I know the intricacies of the whole course. It is brutally difficult and brutally beautiful.

And so in two days I will be standing at the starting line of this amazing race. Who knows how things will go. Maybe it will be a miserable failure. Maybe. But I'm pretty sure it will be an epic adventure.

I took lots of pictures last year and turned it into a little video clip. Should you care to see the amazingness of this course, here ya go. Hopefully the next time I see you it will be with a shiny Zion 100 belt buckle in my hand!


  1. You are a machine! And crazy! But I like it.

    Have fun at the race!

  2. You're crazy awesome. Go get that belt buckle!!!!

  3. I will see you in two days ! I can't believe Zion is already here ! Let show them how to finish strong !
    Danny Widerburg

  4. You wild and spontaneous thing! And, might I add, thoughtful. Rather than sitting on the couch spreading crumbs everywhere, you've decided to take them outdoors and spread them over 100 miles.

  5. I've just landed in Vegas after a 22 hour trip from the UK for this race! So, I'll be the jet lagged Brit complaining there's no decent cups of tea at the Aid Stations :-)