Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Anniversary Of The Day Our Lives Changed

At my house our lives changed exactly three years ago.

Exactly three years ago I had my bags packed to head up to Salt Lake for my first ever 100 mile race, the Antelope Island Buffalo Run. My family was excited to go watch the excitement. I was finishing up a few things at work before we left when I got a call from my wife Mel. She was crying and I couldn't understand what she was saying. Then the phone disconnected.

Later I got a hold of her and through the crying I heard her say that she fell. I immediately rushed over to Instacare and learned that she was in the bedroom when her feet got caught in a cord, she fell.....and broke both of her elbows.

Both. Of. Her. Elbows.

Do you want to know what you can do with two broken elbows? I'll give you a hint - exactly nothing. You can't get yourself dressed. You can't scratch your head when it itches. You can't even go to the bathroom by yourself. The kids took turns feeding mom.

I felt so bad for her. That's when you find out what you're made of. On a side note, that week I learned how to use a flat iron and put mascara on her eye lashes. (Spoiler alert: I'm not good at either of those things.)

Needless to say, the 100 miler that weekend didn't happen. 

Thankfully a few days later she had surgery and finally was able to start feeling better.

So basically this time three years ago royally sucked. I wouldn't wish that experience on my worse enemy Justin Bieber.

But now it's three years later. And guess what I'm doing this weekend. I'm going back up to the Antelope Island Buffalo Run! And guess who is coming with me to help as my crew member extraordinaire. Yep. Mel. I'm so happy she'll be able to be a part of the adventure. I'm positive that it's going to be awesome.

She may wrap herself in bubble packing the day before the trip just in case. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me doing her mascara again.


  1. Holy crap. BOTH ELBOWS??? Poor Mel!!! PS - flatirons and mascara are both terrible things (I use both) and you are amazing for willing to do those things for her :D

  2. Oof! That is one freaking hard hit! Make sure she's careful around cords this time so history doesn't repeat itself!

  3. What comes around goes around. Your family is an awesome support for you bc you're totally there for them as well. You're both (all!) lucky to have each other. Good luck this weekend!

  4. I can't believe she was so inconsiderate to break her elbows the day before your big race! Ugh, and then she made you feed her and do her makeup? The nerve! ;)

    I can't even imagine what a nightmare that would be! Does she have any lasting issues with her elbows from the injury?

    Good luck on the race!

    P.S. I really like her hairstyle in that last picture! Super cute!

  5. Should be some good closure for both of you. Enjoy the weekend festivities!

  6. Oh my gosh! Both of 'em. Wow! Good luck with the 100!

  7. That will certainly give you some perspective when things are hurting during your run. "It could be worse..." Have a great time and good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  8. There is no way that I'd let my husband anywhere near my eyes with a mascara wand. Your wife is a lot more trusting than me.

  9. My husband feels your pain so much right now. Apparently he'd rather pay someone to wax my legs than shave them for me while I'm not allowed to bend over post surgery :)

  10. I'm glad everyone is well again. I hope you have a fantastic run!

  11. ouch. I remember reading this. she much be one tough cookie.

  12. That is so INSANE! Hope to see you out there on Saturday! Good luck and have fun, I know you will!