Monday, June 2, 2014

Bet You Didn't Know What My "Happy Place" Looks Like

Plans are on for the solo, self-supported 100 mile run through Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

DISCLAIMER: If you're unfamiliar with northern Utah you can skip the following paragraph. It will be boring and you won't understand it. Just go to your happy place for a minute while I spill the details. (My happy place includes laying on a beach in Hawaii right next to a buffet of all-you-can-eat cinnamon rolls while Bruce Springsteen plays an acoustic set of his greatest hits on the stage behind me. And then it starts to rain lightly. But they aren't rain drops falling from the sky. They are Skittles. And then a unicorn trots up and says "Hey Cory, want a ride?" Because in my happy place unicorns talk. But I politely decline and explain that Springsteen is right in the middle of the song "Dancing In The Dark". And it would be absolutely criminal to leave in the middle of that song.)

But I digress.

So I'm planning to start running at the state capitol building, run on State Street all the way to Draper, cut down to Redwood Road, go along the back side of Thanksgiving Point to American Fork, get back on State Street and run all the way to Provo until I hit 50 miles. Then turn around and come back. I'll be running through the night.

I am really interested to see how this run goes without drop bags. Without crew. Without being able to stop back at my car every 15 miles to restock food and water. I'll bring my debit card and refill water and food at gas stations along the way, and carry in my pack whatever I might need.

I'll take a head light, reflector vest, change of socks, Body Glide, sun screen, S-Caps, my phone, an Epi Pen (I'm allergic to bees), a head light, spare batteries, my mp3 player, and maybe a light jacket (which I don't think I'll use because it's supposed to be unseasonably hot, but might want it at night).

I'm planning to start at 8am on Wednesday. If you're bored Wednesday or Thursday I'll try to post some updates on my Facebook page HERE.

I think it's important in life to take risks. Challenge yourself. Do something that scares you. Go big or go home. Try something that will either be an epic adventure or a miserable failure. That's what this run is to me. I'm excited to see how things turn out!


  1. Seriously , I can not stop laughing @ the Dog Barking picture . I will contact you and hope to spend a little time with you during the later afternoon .

  2. I will pray that the bees are not swarming on Wednesday. And that your MP3 player's batteries can last for 24 hrs.

  3. Should be awesome! Would love if you would join the twitter-verse.... (I don't FB)

  4. This is awesome! I may or may not have to drag state street to find you! Haha! Good luck! Seriously amazing.

  5. Good luck Cory! If you come through Draper let me know and I will try and come out from work to give you some treats!

  6. Good luck man and congrats on making it on KSL!! That is awesome

  7. Josh and I are in California this week, we would have loved to cheer you on in person. You are one inspiring guy, Cory!

  8. Saw your article on KSL. I have many friends in the ultra community. I love your take on it! Good luck on this epic adventure!