Monday, July 21, 2014

Kids + Kolob Canyon

I hope you'll forgive me. I have a hunch that the following blog post will be lacking in anything witty or mildly amusing. If perchance you WOULD like to see something very witty and very amusing check out the What Is Ultra Tumblr page. This website has made me laugh so hard that I've cried.

So last week my daughters asked me to take them on the Taylor Creek hike in Kolob Canyon. We went a few years ago and they wanted to go again. It took very little convincing. They brought some friends with them too.

Kolob Canyon is part of Zion National Park. And it's beautiful.

The trail is only five miles but for some reason it always feels longer than that to me. The trail crosses this little creek constantly. (The girls counted a total of more than 60 times we crossed over it.)

In the autumn this area is seriously amazing with the leaves turning a rainbow of colors. Amist all the green I did spot one yellow leaf.

A water reflection:

The trail ends at an enormous double arch alcove, always a perfect spot to relax, cool off, and eat lunch.

We had a blast together. (Finalized with some snow cones when we got home.)


  1. It's not even fair that you live so close to places like this!

  2. We love to get slurpees after family hikes! Fun times!

  3. Special family memories. These are the times that you remember of your childhood.

  4. Looks beautiful, Cory. Makes me want to go there. How was the summer temperature?

    1. We started a little later in the day and it was warm by the time we got back to the car, around 90 degrees. But there is shade along the way and you can always dip your hat in the creek. I'd say either start early or wait until it cools off a bit in a month or two (especially if you can catch the amazing autumn colors.)

  5. Southern Utah is so rad! What an awesome hike and memory for the girls!

  6. You have me convinced that Utah is one of the most beautiful states. I am gonna bucket list an adventure there!