Friday, August 29, 2014

The Greatest Thing About Tuesday

I love nothing more than a big storm with lots of thunder and lightning. (Unless you count cheesecake and naps. I love those more.)

On Tuesday night a big storm was brewing so I grabbed my camera and asked if anyone wanted to come with me to take pictures. My youngest daughter Kylee was the only taker. We ended up having an AWESOME evening together listening to Taylor Swift, raiding the secret stash of Jolly Ranchers Mel had hidden in her car, and taking pictures of the storm.

I figured while we were out and about having fun we should get a picture together.

Then Kylee got creative and said we should take a few jumping pictures. Done!

We had so much fun that I think I converted her and I think she'll offer to come next time I go out to take pictures.

Shortly after we got home the thunder and lightning REALLY started cracking. So we headed back to the car to drive around watching lightning. I can't think of a better excuse for getting the kids to bed late. It was an awesome night.

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  1. Fantastic pictures. I'm a storm lover too. There's nothing more majestic and powerful. But I prefer to watch mine from the safety of a house. Because I'm a wuss.