Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Working Toward Breaking My Mileage Record

I have a goal I'm in the midst of. I started this past Wednesday and I'm working on breaking my record of the most miles run in a single week. I think my past record is 101 miles. I should be able to get past that.

Part of that attempt to break my record was a 30 mile run on Friday night. I went to one of my favorite chunks of dirt: some of the side trails around the JEM Trail. With a little bit of exploration you can find the edge of some cool mesas overlooking the desert below.

Many of those miles were part of the Zion 100 course. I can't tell you how spoiled I feel with trails like this only ten minutes away from home.

That towering mesa in the background is Smith Mesa. Runners travel UP and later DOWN this mesa during the Zion race. (Spoiler alert: that climb up will make you cry for your mama.)

I haven't had a good run for months. Seriously. Every time I go out my legs feel like they're trying to run through a swimming pool of peanut butter (which sounds awful and amazing at the same time). It has been rough. But for some reason I felt so, so good on this run. After months of blah it was an amazing feeling.

Then there is this mesa: Gooseberry. You go UP and DOWN this one also during the Zion 100. The trail to the top is the hardest I've ever been on but the views from above are breathtaking.

You are constantly treated to views of Zion National Park off on the horizon.

After around 15 miles I reached one of my all time favorite views. Every single time I'm here I take off my hydration pack and just sit on a rock for a few minutes to enjoy the scenery.

Being in such an epically amazing area justified one more jumping picture.

As the sun began to set the temperature gradually started to feel less like the sun which was splendid.

After the sun set I ran many more hours. In fact my run crossed a highway. It was almost midnight and suddenly I saw police lights. A sheriff pulled up and asked what I was doing. Seeing my hydration pack and trekking poles likely assured him I wasn't out partying. He asked why I was out running so late. I explained that I was training for a tough 100 miler next month. He asked how much longer I'd be out running. I wish I was brave enough to take a picture of his face when I told him it would probably be a few more hours.

I'm going to keep pushing the miles and if everything works out I think I'll be able to break my record.


  1. Hi! New commenter - Rachel from Running in Real Life recommended your blog to me. I hope your new high mileage week includes more bewildered cop looks and beautiful scenenry! :)

  2. I wish you'd been brave enough to take a pic of the cop's expression too. Would have capped off this post perfectly.

  3. I was on a 100 mile week schedule in 2012, I think did three of them, topping out at 105. But it ended up being a little too much for me, it just wasn't sustainable for very long - at least for me.

  4. I am always so jealous of the beautiful scenery you have in your backyard basically. If I'm lucky, I see a little creek or lake...that's about it. How you have the energy to jump after the miles you run I will never are awesome!

  5. Awesome photos as always! I've done some high weeks and hope to get there again in the months to come. I can usually do 4 and then need a cut back week or two.

  6. Zion Nat'l Park is gorgeous! I've taken a few vacations there and went on hikes there and I ran, too. With 30 miles done so far, you're off to a great start on breaking your record!