Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Enormous Cement Arrow Worth Checking Out

A year ago I read THIS article about a few enormous cement arrows high up on plateaus. Back in the 1920's before sophisticated radar, pilots used these arrows to guide their planes to Salt Lake City from Los Angeles. Only three of these arrows still exist.

Ever since I read the article I have wanted to go find one of the arrows. Well.....last week it happened. We found the arrow high up on a ridge overlooking Quail Creek State Park.

We got a picture of me standing on the arrow to give some perspective on how big it is:

The actual trail to the arrow is fairly short, probably only a mile but it is fairly steep and rocky. For you southern Utah peeps that want to check it out, drive out past the Walmart Distribution Center in Hurricane and keep driving until you reach the end of the road. You'll see a big building that says "Crocker Ventures Park". Park on the road there and look toward the hill on your right. You'll see a trail leading up the hill that will take you right to the arrow. (HERE is a Google Maps overview.)

Jackson was the only one who wanted to come with me. We had a ton of fun hanging out on the top of the ridge checking out the views, watching an incredible sunset, and jumping.

While up there we were treated to this absolutely stunning sunset over Quail Creek. I took a ton of pictures and every time I looked at my camera screen I couldn't help but say "Wow!"

This was an awesome little hike. I'd definitely recommend checking it out. Don't forget to take a jumping picture while you're up there!


  1. Aweee. Awesome. I would have come along! Those clouds are great! We've been lucky to have so many these past couple days. Sunshine never gets old, but it's good variety.

  2. Where are the other two existing arrows?

  3. One is on Shinob Kibe in Washington I think. There is another one on the Black Ridge I have been to.

  4. I had no idea on the history behind those arrows, that is really cool!

  5. That is so cool, something functional now become art