Friday, May 8, 2015

Top 40 Under 40 In Magazine, and My Legs Started Crying

About a month ago I got an email from a writer at St. George Magazine wanting to do an interview because I had been selected as one of the people for this month's issue of the Top 40 Under 40. I was surprised and honored.

I'm not sure precisely what I'm the Top 40 Under 40 of. My brother-in-laws figure that I'm in the top 40:
  • Cinnamon roll eaters.
  • Most likely to beat a few kids in kindergarten in an arm wrestling competition.
  • Closest resemblance to Mario after he grabs a power-up mushroom.
  • Least likely to be able to grow a bushy ultrarunner beard.
  • Gloria Estifan fans (Okay. That's a lie. But still, the rhythm is gonna get ya.)
  • "Let It Go" lip syncers.
  • Failure for not making the "Thirty Flirty" list.
  • I'm on the 40 under 40 list for narrowly beating out the guy who grew a head of lettuce that looks like Bill Murray.
  • And I could go on. I have funny brother-in-laws.
My running has taken me to some amazing spots lately. For example a steep road to the top of Smith Mesa. 

I rarely run on roads but this seemed like a good place to make an exception. It was good training to get faster leg turnover on really steep ups and downs. It climbs then descends around a billion feet within the span of a few miles. It literally makes your legs grow tear ducts just so that they can start crying.

I've never seen this type of wild flower in our area.....until this year. And now they are everywhere! They are seriously beautiful.

It was hot and my legs that now have tear ducts were crying - but it was an amazing feeling to actually be running fast. Even though fast for me is a super slow recovery pace for most, I was in heaven.
After a couple hours running up and down that hellish beast I headed back to my car. But not before taking one last picture of the amazing views that were surrounding me. (My legs cried all the way home.)

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  1. I'd always thought that the wet stuff running down my leg was sweat. Thank you for re-educating me. My legs too have cried.