Monday, June 1, 2015

Little Debbie, Aunt Jackie, and Some Cowbell

Little Debbie is getting less little by the day. I'd give it four more weeks before we can throw a saddle on her and charge the neighborhood kids $2 each for a ride around the block on a Great Dane.

Just to compare her growth in the first two months we have had Little Debbie, here is a side-by-side picture from the first day we had her:

We are going to have to start charging the neighbors for elephant puppy rides to help pay all her expenses. We have had to take her to the vet a few times for a bacterial infection, and also bought her a bigger kennel. And by "bigger kennel" I mean that our dining room suddenly shrunk because half of it is filled with a kennel big enough for me to fit inside.

Amidst the joys of parenthood with a sock-eating, hole-digging, ear-licking canine, I've been getting in some running too. Last week I took my family (minus one daughter with a sore knee) for their first visit to the More Cowbell Trail. I informed them that it's bad luck if you pass the cowbell without ringing it.

It was slightly warm out on the trail but we just took it easy and took a breather every once in a while. Just long enough to get in a quick jump.

A family that runs together (and only whines a little bit together, and takes jumping pictures together, and then stops for Slurpees afterward together) stays together.


  1. Little Debbie is going to be gigantic! But both your dogs seem to have such it!

    Also love the way your family shares in your running (and jumping!) adventures. :)

  2. I reckon Little Debbie is paying her own way with all that ear licking. You'll be saving heaps on getting ear wax syringed out.