Thursday, August 20, 2015

What I DON'T Want To Do After Running 100 Miles

You know your friends have issues when they finish running a 100 miler in Colorado, then, on the way back home to California and Vegas, email asking if you want to show them around a cool trail on their way through town.

This is NOT something I have any interest in after 100 milers. The day after a 100 miler you will find me curled up somewhere in fetal position sucking my thumb. My body hurts too much to even talk. I only communicate with my eyes. One blink = yes. Two blinks = no. Or something like that.

But then there is Colleen and Kristin. They are much crazier than me.

I decided to take them on the fairly mild and highly beautiful More Cowbell Trail.

I enjoyed hearing about their race experience over the previous few days.....and about how crappy their motel room was the night before.

I introduced them to the cowbell for whom the trail was named. I informed them of the importance of ringing the cowbell as they passed by. If you don't ring it, you anger the trail gods and the music of Justin Bieber will haunt your sleep every night. Which is pretty horrible. So just ring the bell.

As we were finishing up, the sun arose and it was time for me to go to work and time for them to get back in the car (ugh) and drive for many, many hours to get home. (Double ugh.)

I asked if they wanted to take a jumping picture even though they just finished running 100 miles. One blink.


  1. That last photo is evidence of your sadistic nature. And here I was thinking you were nice.

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