Thursday, April 19, 2018

Announcing My New Book - Into The Furnace

I am SO excited to announce the title and cover of my upcoming book! It's called Into The Furnace: How a 135 mile run across Death Valley set my soul on fire.

It’s a book about taking chances. It’s about suffering. It’s about bravery and heartache and hope and courage. It’s a book about the Badwater ultramarathon, and the pure love of running. The book was co-written with Luke Thoreson who is a phenomenal and enormously hilarious writer. Dean Karnazes wrote the forward for the book. Check out this clip about the book:

The book (along with other fun rewards) is now available for pre-order! I'm nearly bursting with happiness. Click HERE for a link with more book info and details on how to order. Thanks SO much for all your support and encouragement!