Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inspiring Marathon Experiences

I wanted to share some great marathon stories with you. They were written by my web buddy Kristin Morris who runs with her husband Kevin. Her marathon experiences are very funny and very inspiring.

Click Here to read about the Tucson Marathon they ran just a few days ago. (There is a part about gummy bears that made me laugh so hard I cried.)

Click Here to read about the 2009 San Diego Marathon.

Her writing gives a perfect picture of the pain and triumph that is running.


  1. Thanks Cory. It means a lot that you added this. We just want to show that any average Joe or Sally can do a marathon and gain so much more then a medal or bragging rights from doing one. Well, that part is pretty cool...thank you again!

  2. You have shared such a great marathon story, and I appreciate your efforts on it, and it's very funny also.