Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marathon Number Three

In Recent News - I signed up for my third marathon:

The Park City Marathon coming up in about a month on August 21st. My wife is in also - this will be her first full marathon.

In one sense, this may not be the brightest idea: I ran a half marathon in April, half marathon in May, full marathon in June, upcoming half marathon in July, full marathon in August, and the St. George Marathon in October.

The logical part of me (which in this case was smaller than the spontaneous part) tried to reason with Mel that this might not be wise. Neither of us will be fully trained for a marathon. But I loved Mel's response which was basically - lets do something a little crazy and spontaneous. She didn't have to twist my arm.

We are planning to do it SLOW. We will do the race together. We plan to keep a strict run/walk schedule during the race. No goals for time. Our goal will be to have fun, see some beautiful scenery (planning to take my camera for the race), and be part of a cool experience.

Even though the big hills of this marathon will make it hard, one of the big selling points for me is that around 9 miles of the course is on dirt roads or dirt trails. My knees will appreciate that. Plus, I need all the excuses I can get to eat lots of Hostess products carbo-load.

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