Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out

On Saturday morning me and the Mrs. are running the inaugural Dogtown Half Marathon in Washington, Utah. The forecast for Saturday is wind and rain. Bleh.

Over the holidays I got a hideous black hat with sparkling sequins as a white elephant gift. If Neil Diamond or Richard Simmons wore a hat, this is the one they would choose. It would have matched perfectly with the sequin outfit I wore at the Spooktacular 5k.

When I got the hat, all my extended family members dared me to wear it during a race. They also promised it would give me superhuman speed. So I decided to take them up on their dare for the race on Saturday.

Maybe with the rain there won’t be any sun glare off the hat. This will significantly reduce the possibility that other runners will be blinded by my flashy hat as they pass me.


  1. Ok Richard, I mean Neil, Oh wait... I mean Cory. You should find or make a matching hat for your Mrs.

  2. It SO SO SO is your kind of HAT... your gonna sport it well on Sat. see ya then.

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